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First Article Debut! by Mikael
September 2, 2010, 4:28 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, College, Good Things, My Awesome Internship, Updates, Utah, Writing

I’ve decided not to stay angry about the edits made to my first article in the Utah sports information department… I met with the editor on Tuesday and he gave me the run down for what to do next time and why he changed what he did.  All of it justified.  It’s not as butchered as I claimed it was on Monday.  And I can still call it mine if I so please.  I think I’d like to too. =)

Today is the day it premieres!  People will actually be reading it!  Why?

Today is the first football game of the season… Utah versus Pittsburgh.  My article is a senior feature on a Utah player.  A defensive left end.  The article I interviewed him for and wrote will be in the program!  Sweet right?

I don’t know if people will comment or anything like that.  Just thinking that people other than my coworkers will be reading it is kind of nerve-wrecking!  Rather exciting as well.

Will people like it?  AHH!  Guess we’ll have to see!

Now I’m off to the game… Bring it on Panthers!  Prepare to be trampled!


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