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I think I’m gonna like it here… by Mikael
September 17, 2010, 11:36 pm
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So I’ve decided that my sports internship is the bomb. Because it is.

I write all of the time, even if sometimes it is updating biographies of players and coaches… the point is, I write for my job and that’s always been a goal of mine. The atmosphere is really chill despite intense with deadlines. Which means most of the people I work with are pretty awesome themselves. I’m learning endlessly about sports. I’m beginning to understand football, little by little, by interviewing players, researching their positions, watching the games from the best seat in the house, and studying the stats. And I actually like it! I’m the one hogging the binocs to watch every play on the field! Never thought I’d see the day, in all honesty. Soon I’ll be learning tons about swimming and diving and getting to know the team. And this internship is forcing me to use just a single space in between sentences in my stories. Trust me, it’s a harsh transition. See? I have to practice every where!

Oh crap. WhatamIgonnadowhenIhavetohavethe  forEnglishpapers? YIPES!

Pitfalls: The office is always bitingly cold, but that could be because I drink an obscene amount of cold water every day. I feel like I’m driving one of my bosses crazy because I have a habit of wanting to be just right in everything so I ask questions a lot. That’s it.

The best part: I’m learning that I work best in a high-paced environment with deadlines. I don’t get bored. I’m always on my toes and doing something. I did put in a few extra hours beyond my office hours to get a couple things done in time, but I think that’s ok. I like doing it! So far anyway! And as long as I like it, I’ll happily do it.

And the great news right now?

My next feature on a football player just got sent back to me by the editor. Guess wha-at? Hardly anything was changed! It feels like it is so much more of my own than the first one! I guess that means I did what he wanted me to in terms of how to write the features. This is a major win… and I’ve had a couple of the people who proofread it particularly comment on the great job I did on it. WIN WIN! So, naturally, I’m dead excited for this article to hit the football program next weekend at the game versus San Jose.

Even though this job is stressful, I believe it is a good stress. I feel like I’m getting something accomplished and going somewhere, and that is a great feeling. About a month in and I might just be in love with it.

This must be the start of a beautiful relationship. Since I won’t have time for any real relationship until I graduate college and finish this internship. XD

Have a great weekend everyone!


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i’m glad you’re loving your internship…

i’m definitely feeling the same way about not having time for a relationship or anything until i’m done with college haha!

Comment by kelly

I’m so happy for you! This sounds incredible – writing, learning, good environment… Basically the perfect job! And I agree, a job that you don’t get bored at is the best kind. If you actually enjoy working, then that’s a good find for you!

Comment by slightlyignorant

I love your job too! Lol.
Btw, I got you a little award over at my blog… =]

Comment by Marliz3e

It is so great to have a job you like, it is the best thing in the world!!! Enjoy it!!

Comment by Lucy

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