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Saying Saturday XII by Mikael

This one is short and sweet… please enjoy!

If you’ve missed previous Saying Saturdays and wish to see them, go here! =)

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A conversation between my cousin, V who will be turning 7 this December and my aunt.

V- Mom, when I turn ten, can I have a DS? (nintendo ds for those not in-the-know)
Aunt- Why wait until your ten when you could have one when you turn seven?
V- Oh… then can I have a DS when I turn seven?
Aunt- Why do you want a DS when you’re seven?
V- Because I’m too big for Leapster now.

At lunch with the Mews (see The People)! I have missed those girls…

M1 – What is it with you and those British phone booths?
Me – I don’t really know… I’m just highly attracted to them.
M1 – You sound like you want to marry one!
Me – So what if I do? ;)

The main jist of the lengthy conversation at the San Jose versus Utah football game in the press box after Em returned from visiting her family…

Em- You dated my brother!
Me- Uh, what?
Em- I just saw him and he asked if I knew you. I told him that I work with you and he said you two dated! His name is …
Me– I’m not remembering this. I have “dated” a lot of guys. His name sounds familiar though.
Em- *shows a picture*
Me- Oh that guy! I went on a double with him and one of my good friends and her boyfriend. I didn’t kiss him, and that’s probably why I couldn’t remember the name. I never learned his last name so I never thought to connect yours with his. That was two years ago anyway!
Em- Oh, so you only remember the names of the guys you kiss but not the guys you date?
Me- In general… sometimes I forget the guys I kiss all together.
Em- Don’t worry, it’s ok. He mostly remembers you because of your boobs.

I rest my case.

This morning, my bestie’s parents drove me to Wyoming to see her in a play tonight… Let’s just say her father says some hilarious things. He pretty much just talks constantly, and everything he says utterly entertains me  and largely because of his British accent. Here are a couple that have had an impact today.

After rambling in the car for about five minutes, out of now where, and without warning…

Oh good God! A llama!

And after lunch, where he invited our server that my bestie thought was cute to see her play tonight…

I have never flirted so shamelessly with a man before. You so owe me.

What said guy said during our lengthy conversation at lunch was pretty classic too…

I know more about musicals than any bearded man should!

That’s all I have for now! I’ll try and be better with recording the things I hear… since school and the internship started, it’s been crazy! Hopefully I will get a few more quotes from my bestie’s father. He is such a riot!

Have a great weekend!


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Loves it as always ^_^. My favorite is: “I have never flirted so shamelessly with a man before. You so owe me.”

Comment by slightlyignorant

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