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The Boobage (TMIT) by Mikael
October 7, 2010, 10:00 am
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I’m bringing back LiLu’s TMI Thursday today because this might venture into that territory.

I say this with as much seriousness as humanly possible on a topic such as this…

What is it about boobs that is so great?

Men can’t get enough of them… even my gay buddies have grabbed mine on occasion! Even I find myself fascinated with them every once in a while. More often than not it’s admiring the real ones or trying to figure out if someone is a man or a woman. Trust me, the distinction can be hard to make sometimes. One of my professors in Cambridge had moobs and the first time I walked into class, I was convinced he was a woman.

Looking through some of my old posts, I have noticed that my boobs have popped up on more than one occasion. Not like that, you perv… but they even show up in casual conversation all. the. time.

Through the past two years, they’ve had quite the journey. When I started WeightWatchers back in 2009, they were the first things to go. Then this summer, when I wanted to test the waters in birth control pills, they ballooned back up to their former glory. Since then, I’ve gone off BC (if you’re not doing it, then what’s the point anyway? the emotional roller coasters, cravings and acne were truly painful even after 3 months) and the twins have stayed the same… so far anyway.

I’m not complaining–but they just bounce so much! Doing Zumba I look in the mirror and am terrified one or the other will slap me round the face! Then I look at my Zumba instructor who has perfect little surgically enhanced boobs that don’t move at all. Real boobs are not conducive to an active lifestyle, I’m telling you. It’s a bloody war between the two when you want to get moving. Swing that way, swing this, go up, go down, swish around, mash together… yeah. The boobage is definitely not good for that.

My other issue with them is my boobs are what a lot of people see first. I’ve got the blonde hair and big boobs combo. There’s a lot of presumptions about that combo that I don’t prescribe to. Of course, when I go to Vegas, I flaunt it. That’s for me. But otherwise… I’d like it if people looked in my eyes first. But NOOOOOO! Half the time, it’s the boobage check, the smirk, and then the cheap pick up line. Um… No, thanks sleezeball! It’s not my fault they are the biggest things besides my head (on the front of my body anyway) so don’t look at me like that!

So I’m going to reiterate myself… what is so fascinating about boobs?!


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I think you’ve said it all – they jiggle. Men like the jiggling boobage. It’s so ridiculous if you think about it – I mean, it’s two sacks of fat that dangle off the front of our bodies, so what exactly is attractive about that? But, then again, what’s so attractive about legs, or a neck, or arms or whatever? The human body is weird, but it’s what we’ve got so we’re attracted to it ^_^”.

Comment by slightlyignorant

Hahahahah…Yeah, oh my – I don’t get the fascination with boobs, either. Both my sisters have implants. I confess, I’ve THOUGHT about getting them myself. But I don’t understand it.

Comment by unabridgedgirl

Hahaha! This is an excellent TMIT. You know what’s even weirder than how much men like boobs? How much GAY men like boobs. What the French, toast?

Comment by LiLu

My gay friends are obsessed with mine! It’s so weird! And one of my gay buddies actually has said, “What the french toast?” …. even weirder.

Comment by Mikael

I think it’s a combination of the jiggle and the fact that boobs are probably the best pillows out there.

Comment by sheadaisy

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