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My Hands Are Up by Mikael
November 8, 2010, 1:58 am
Filed under: A Little Me, College, My Awesome Internship, Unhappy, Updates, Venting

Why is it whenever I am ready to click Command-Q on my browser, someone always instant messages me on Facebook?

This time, it was fairly enlightening.

It has been a very “off” weekend. Before yesterday afternoon, I was so excited for this weekend, convinced it would be so fun. And then the TCU vs Utah game hit. I don’t know if what was going on with the Utes this weekend is contagious (we got our asses handed to us — 47 to 7), or if the time change has affected me in a strange way, or what… but I’m in a weird funk.

Last night, I was fully intent on doing some homework today. Woke up at 9:30, turned on Romeo and Juliet to help keep me in the Shakespeare mode since that is what I was working on for my homework, and for some reason I just couldn’t get anything done.

Then by the time I had to head to work at the women’s basketball game, I was told that I was the odd-man out, that I wouldn’t have much to do during the game. Not such a good thing. I was bored. Because I wasn’t required to do anything, I wasn’t motivated to do anything after the game, when I was intending on using the office for distraction-free time to work on my homework. I couldn’t make myself do anything. Except read about the cast and characters of Private Practice.

So right now, I kind of feel like it was a wasted day. And I’m now two weeks behind on my theatre homework. Granted, it’s more homework than I’ve ever had for a theatre course before. I’ve done the leg work for one week, but I just haven’t done the writing part. And then there’s this weeks homework for it, which shouldn’t be as bad. Tuesday night will be dedicated to it for sure as tomorrow night will be spent writing my play to be workshopped on Tuesday.

Why has this weekend been so weird? A conversation with a friend shed some possible light… It is quite possible that these last two weeks drained me of all I had. Overwhelmed was the term my friend used. These past two weeks have been absolutely crazy. I still got my daily workouts in and got all of my work done (aside from my theatre homework) but I think Saturday was the breaching point. The excitement surrounding the game and that constant build up of energy, working practically non-stop on sports… then suffering that loss was like a crash-and-burn for me, mentally and physically. Like my brain just decided to shut down or something.

And then there’s also the time change. Ugh. I hate daylight savings time. It messes up everything. I don’t even know why they have it. I even remember reading somewhere that daylight savings is ultimately detrimental to the well-being of humans.

Now, I’m blogging about it. At 1 o’clock in the morning. The ultimate form of procrastination and not wanting to accomplish anything. Ay me.

All I can say is this: Thanksgiving break cannot come soon enough. I get that Wednesday through Friday in Vegas with my dad and that will be the most welcome break ever.


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