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European Bug by Mikael
November 18, 2010, 4:54 pm
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So back in June I went to Italy for 2 weeks… amazing right? And I certainly had an amazing time seeing the sights and eating lots of pizza, pasta, and gelato. Heck, I even had a hot Italian “hook-up” on our last night in Rome.

What I wasn’t expecting was something to linger around after. (Potential TMI warning)

Almost immediately after Italy, I noticed that my gums started to bleed whenever I brushed my teeth. Soon, it was like my gums would bleed on command and I could commonly taste blood in my mouth. So what do I do? Change my Oral-B brush head, begin flossing every day and keep up a strict regimen for the past 5 months. Has it made a difference? … not really. My top gums stopped bleeding but my lower gums kept at it like clockwork.

So this morning at the dentist, I told him my problem (luckily cavities is not one! yay for being cavity free!). I told him I remember it specifically happening right after Italy. His response?

“Did you hook up with anyone over there?”

My first thought: Awww shit.

“Yeah, I kissed one guy and that’s it.”

And here’s a run-down from what I heard from the dentist. Apparently, the mouth is one of the dirtiest parts of the body. And Europeans have a different set of bacteria living in their mouth. That bacteria very likely calls my mouth home now. Because they are used to the bacteria, it doesn’t affect Europeans. But put some in an American’s mouth and that body will think it is a virus. That’s right… I have some kind of bug from Italy.

He then went onto say that it may have even been the food because the cooks might lick their fingers/spoons to test their creations before serving them–thus putting the bacteria into the food and into the mouth’s of consumers. But after a discussion with my friend who went with me, I don’t think food was the culprit as she was unaffected by the symptoms my mouth has exhibited.

Luckily, my body shows signs of fighting back against this Italian bug that Diego/Dino shared with me. I’ve been prescribed a special mouth wash to see if it will get rid of or at least reduce the symptoms. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed that it works. I’m just glad it’s not gingivitis or anything like that…

Other than that, my mouth is perfectly healthy! No cavities. No strange gum disease. But an Italian bacteria. I need to research more on this… haha.

Lesson to be learned: Don’t kiss Italian men… no matter how hot they (or their accents) may be. Consider yourself warned.


Side note: I’m already going through kissing withdrawals so who knows when I will be able to kiss someone again! GAH!


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Thanks for the advise. I’ve maniac impulses to kiss this hot English professor with a hot English accent.

Comment by Maimoona Rahman

Haha! I never said anything about English guys… that’s a different story ;)

Comment by Mikael

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