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Permanently Branded by Mikael
December 2, 2010, 3:41 pm
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This morning, I ran into a good friend of mine.  A very good friend.  A very good guy friend with whom I have had a bit of a “romantic” past with.  That run-in combined with an article I read in Cosmopolitan yesterday (about following your gut and instincts) got me thinking …

Have you ever noticed that there are certain people in your life that your body directly reacts to?  Like your heart starts to race and pound throughout your whole body?  A smile can’t help but creep up your lips?  Your body shivers when they laugh?  Your body becomes equally aware (if not more so) of what their own body is doing? And it literally feels like there are butterflies swarming inside your stomach?  And as soon as there is a touch between you two… it’s like you’re branded.  Those are the people that you don’t forget.  The people that you can’t forget.

I know that I have found four people who are permanently branded into my life.  Whether they like it or not, and even if they are not aware of it (though if they weren’t aware, I’d be surprised… I can’t imagine how this kind of reaction could only be one-sided).  Oddly enough, they are all guys and none of whom have ever been my boyfriend.  Whenever I see them, talk to them, or even reminisce about them, my body tends to do the things listed above… no matter how long it has been since our last encounter.

It’s like your body recognizes, even if your mind does not, that they are meant to be a part of your life… even if just for a moment.  But I have learned that they are the hardest ones to forget or to get over. Even though our minds want to get over them at some point, it’s nearly impossible to do so.  Especially if they are a present figure in your life.  And as soon as you see them or hear their voice again, everything hits you all at once again.  It seems to a lot like muscle memory.

What is it about the body chemistry that connects us to them from the moment we meet them? I read a few weeks back that it is scientifically possible to fall in love with someone within 7 seconds and I wonder if that is a part of it.  And until something is scientifically proven, I tend to not believe in stuff like that… so what do you think?

Have you ever found someone who has had that kind of effect on your body, permanently “branding” themselves into your life?


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i have one of those. as soon as u began asking this only one person popped in my head… wonder what makes that happen? and just with certain people? hmmmm…

Comment by Kellie Elmore

I wonder what makes it happen too! Which is why I blogged about it ;)

Comment by Mikael

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I will be honest here , I also think there is this person whom I can’t forget even if I want to ( although I don’t want to forget ! ) I experience the same kind of feeling which you’ve mentioned above . Some people simply touch your lives and stay in your mind forever . That’s natural , pretty cool !

Comment by Kate

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