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Finals are… Fun?! by Mikael
December 8, 2010, 12:09 am
Filed under: A Little Me, ADD-ness, College, Fitness, Updates, Venting

I don’t have traditional finals this semester and it’s doing something to my brain. I don’t seem to want to focus because of the nature of the projects. Here’s what I have to do:

Studies in Poetics: Construct a table of contents and write a preface to a poetry anthology and present on it. Tomorrow (Wed)-Presentation due. Friday-Preface due. My table of contents is done.

Intro to Playwrighting: Turn in 30-40 pages of a completed short play or the first act of a play in progress. Due Thursday. I have 21 pages done so far.

Italian 2010: Present on something I love about Italian culture. My choice? Gelato. Presentation on Thursday. Then a take-home final due sometime next week.

Women’s Choir: Perform a Christmas Concert on Friday and Saturday nights.

Survey of Theatre: Watch plays on film and mini-lectures to write on for about 4 weeks (approx. 24 hours) worth of class (I’m very behind… it’s supposed to be my “fun” class but it requires more work than all the others put together). But all that isn’t due until next Thursday.

The problem? It’s all stuff that is fun or is at least somewhat enjoyable to do! Which gives my brain some kind of weird permission to slack off! It’s awful! Finals aren’t supposed to be fun! What’s wrong with this picture?! When they are a bit more serious, I tend to do better. So my next best bet on getting it done well is to wait until the night before it’s due… that’s when I produce my best work. Under that kind of pressure always gets me going in the right direction. I know that’s really bad procrastination, but it works.

You know how some people will put off doing exercise in order to do something more pressing? I use exercise as my excuse to get away from everything. It’s like, “Oh, I have an assignment to do? But I need to do the elliptical to stay sane!” and I’ll end up working out instead of doing what I’m supposed to do. In fact, I even started doing yoga again on Sunday with a video my step-sister left behind at our house. It was splendid! My legs are even a little sore from it. Very relaxing and centering. Just like my daily cuppa green tea. =)

Now if only I could pay as much attention to my school work as I do to my workouts… Next semester will be interesting when it comes to finals too. Choir concerts, juries performance, likely another Italian presentation, a play/musical to turn in, and some kind of final in my intro to music class. I don’t know how on earth my senior year of college is giving me the most enjoyable (and relatively simple) sets of finals in the world! It’s good with my internship schedule and stuff but it means I get less-than-lackluster motivation to get anything done because it seems too fun to really be for a grade!

This is messed up… and I’m going to bed.


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Aha! Sounds to me like your school is kind of like mine :) – we have these long essays to write each semester instead of finals, and during my first semester it totally messed my brain up too o_O. There’s something nice about traditional finals once you lose them, isn’t there? :P

Comment by slightlyignorant

There really is! But I lived so I’m happy. =) I need to go catch up on your blog!! I’ve missed your stories…

Comment by Mikael

After going through your post and knowing your dilemma I think am way blessed to have finished my studies this year!!! I’m sort of free now from academic studies. I could only wish you best of luck !

Comment by Kate

Thanks! You’re lucky to be done… ha!

Comment by Mikael

Ah, that’s where you and I are different. I won’t work out for anything. :) Well, maybe if I had an elliptical to make it easier…

Mmm green tea.

Comment by Angie

Isn’t green tea the best? :)
You should try Zumba. It’s amazing and fun! That’s what got me really into working out, but I don’t even consider that working out but because it’s like a party!

Comment by Mikael

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