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Saying Saturday XV by Mikael
December 18, 2010, 10:30 am
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Wow… can you believe we are volume number fifteen of Saying Saturday! I’m sorry I don’t update more on it but with everything going on, I’m lucky to blog at all.

If you’ve missed previous Saying Saturdays and wish to see them, go here! =)

Thanksgiving Day

A 6-YO boy, Looch, was closing the gate that blocked off the kitchen from the rest of the house…

Me: Will you please let me through?
StepBro1: *whispers* Tell her she can’t pass.
Looch: You can’t pass!
Me: Well, if you don’t let me out… then I’ll have to pee on the floor.
Looch: *looks terrified as he opens the gate*
Me: Thank you…
*One minute later while I’m doing my biznez*
Looch: Mikael! Where are you?
Me: I’m in the bathroom, bud!
Looch: But I can’t see you.
Me: There’s a reason for that, you know?
Looch: Are you peeing in the bathroom?
Me: *unwillingly* Yes, Looch. I’m peeing.
Looch: Are you peeing on the floor?
Me: No, I’m not peeing on the floor.
*a few fingers start to creep under the door*
Me: I’ll be right out!

What came out of my mouth shocked everyone… but most of all, me!

StepMom: Hey, the kids are here! Why don’t you turn on the Wii and play games?
Me: But… but…
StepMom: What?
Me: But the football game is on!

Discussing with my other step brother (let’s call him Duh, because he deserves a special name) why I was so cold and bundled in blankets on the couch while watching the football game…

Me: I’m always cold.
Duh: I got that too. It gets better and worse all the time.
Me: Mine is constant. It hasn’t gotten better in months!
Duh: Well, I’d try Mucinex. That seems to work for me.
Me: You do realize that I am cold and don’t have a cold, right?

Conversation with my brother about the new pokemon games coming out in spring!

Me: Pokemon’s coming out in March!
Bro: Another one?!
Me: Yep… it’s a new generation: Pokemon Black and White.  I want Black!
Bro: Isn’t that racist?

My grandpa recently had spinal surgery and his responses to us were… entertaining, to say the least, when they finished with him and he was still pretty groggy.

Nurse: Do you know where you are?
GPa: Here.
Nurse: Where are you?
GPa: I’m right here!
Nurse: And where is here?
GPa: Oh, at the hospital.

Strange texts with the Gramps… (yes, he texts)

You remember, t’was the night b4 xmas and everyone was feeling Merry… so Mary got and left so everybody jumped for joy.

Me: Do you like your new bed?
GPa: Yep, big enough for two!
Me: Haha, well that’s good! What kind of bed is it?
GPa: It’s Dreimodinaltri quadrapedinal serry with a fringe on topa!
Me: … I have no idea what you just said.
GPa: don’t feel slept with.
Me: You don’t or the bed doesn’t?
GPa: But of course! … This late in the week…
Me: It’s relatively early in the week.
GPa: U think…
Me: Well, based on the calendar it is.
GPa: Well. I’m having spaghetti.

Guess who’s back? GLAM! Went to dinner with him and his BF the other night…

There was a cute waiter I couldn’t stop checking out…

Glam: *picking up his napkin-wrapped silverware* Listen, I’m gonna throw this and you go pick it up and do the “Bend and Snap” while you’re at it.
*laughter ensues*
Me: Haha, no!
Glam: It works… I’m just saying. Just don’t hit him! Oh God!

Glam’s BF: I can’t babysit someone else.  I can’t even babysit myself!

On using Botox to reduce sweating…

Glam: I used to sweat like a whore in church, I swear to God!

Glam’s BF: Ok… breathe! You’ve been talking nonstop for the past thirty minutes.
Glam: Well, someone has to be the life of the party!
Mom: So how are you doing, [Glam’s BF]?
Glam’s BF: Doing good.
Glam: Now back to me! … Just kidding!

Hehe, yes… Glam really is just fabulous. Love him! Hopefully I’ll be able to scrape some lovely quotes from the Christmas holiday now…

Ta-ta!  Have a lovely weekend!


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I almost forgot how much I love these!!!
Can’t wait for the holidays version!!!

Comment by Marliz3e

Glam is definitely awesomesauce :D. Your Gramps is adorable too!

Comment by slightlyignorant

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