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A New Year by Mikael
January 1, 2011, 12:30 am
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Here’s a piece of fiction I wrote on New Years Eve of 2009… Thought I’d share it all with you today as a New Years treat!  With the blog a day challenge, you may be seeing much more fiction from me. ;)

*   *   *

An unsuspected breeze whipped past Whitney’s shoulder.  She wasn’t alone a second ago.  As she turned around, she saw her best friend walking off with some guy she had been making out with earlier in the evening. She looked back at Whitney and dropped her jaw in amazement while they walked inside to watch the Ball drop on the television with everyone else.  Tina was the one who persuaded Whitney to come out on New Years Eve when all she wanted to do was sit with hot cocoa and a good book alongside her iPod.  Now she was alone.

“Great,” she said to herself, scuffing her feet on the wooden deck leaving a darkened line through the thin layer of snow.

Midnight was only three minutes away and her friend had left her to be by herself when the new year began.  What a wonderful way to start what was to be a promising year.  Not.

Whitney tipped her head back and felt the tiny snowflakes settle on her cheeks.  Somehow it was refreshing despite her dislike of the cold.  The porch still had a couple stragglers that were making their way inside.  There was a rumble of noise coming from the crowd of college students, most of whom Whitney had never seen before that evening.


Turning to face the house, Whitney saw Julian from her Nutrition class during their sophomore year.  His brown hair was hidden underneath a black hoodie as were his hands.  Leaning against the wooden railing next to the sliding glass door, he said, “Not going to watch the ball drop?”

Whitney shook her head, then dipped it down as she zipped up her coat a little more.  Julian pushed himself off the railing and walked to her side.  They had only ever been friendly acquaintances so Whitney was surprised he came to stand by her instead of going inside.  Of course, he always had been a pleasant guy.  Funny in a sarcastic way and a little bit of a know-it-all.  Whitney assumed that had to be a front for something.

“You’re not watching it either,” she said simply looking at him.  His face was directed towards the mountains behind the house.  Lights lit up on the side of the mountain in the shape of a candle.

“Nah…” he said, smiling glancing at her momentarily.  “I’ve seen it every year for the past twenty years.  It won’t miss me.”

Behind them, the newscasters voice announced that it was one more minute until 2010–the start of a new decade.  Some of the more excited crowd (translated: more drunk) started the countdown of the last sixty seconds.  Julian chuckled slightly.  “So, did you have a good year?”

Whitney gave out a dry laugh.  “Yeah, right.”  She tipped her head back slightly once more, feeling the snow before resting her forearms on the railing.  “You?”

“It was a hard one,” Julian admitted.  “I’m hoping this year will be better.”

“Well, good luck with that,” Whitney said nodding her head slightly.

The final ten seconds of the countdown commenced and everyone inside was chanting.  “Ten… nine…”

“Thanks.” The smile from Julian was genuine.  Whitney couldn’t help but return it.

Unable to ignore the New Years noise, Whitney turned and pressed her back against the railing as she watched the ball in New York City on the big screen television.  “Four… three…”

For the first time since they started talking, Julian slipped his hands from his pockets.  As the crowd yelled, “One!” he positioned himself in front of Whitney with his hands on either side of her face.  A slight smile worked its way through his lips.  The crowd inside erupted with cheers.

Before she could back out, his soft mouth pressed against hers.  Somewhere in her stomach, something started unraveling itself like a ribbon.  The ribbon seemed to silence the noise from the house.  The sensation was so pleasant she had to close her eyes.  She felt strangely comfortable.  Somehow her right hand had worked its way around Julian’s waist.  His hands left her face, leaving her cheeks to sting with each fallen snowflake, and he wrapped his arms around her.  He kissed her a little more firmly.  Being unable to control herself, Whitney wound her arms around Julian’s shoulders making his hood slide down.  One of her hands swept up to his hair, coiling her fingers through its surprising softness.  He pulled away slightly and even though Whitney’s eyes were closed, she knew he was still really close to her.

When she finally pulled back, Whitney got caught in his brown-eyed gaze.  He bit his lip and smiled.

“I have a feeling this year will be better,” he said.  “Much better.”

For the first time that night, Whitney really smiled as she pulled him into her again.  In the back of her mind, she knew he was right.

*   *   *

Happy New Year in 2011 everyone!  Who is ready for a fantastic year?  I know I am…


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Sweet story. Nice and descriptive, especially with the kiss.

Comment by Angie

Happy New Year! The story was beautiful and romantic :).

Comment by slightlyignorant

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