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January 4, 2011, 6:34 pm
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I saw this on Brooke Farmer’s blog and I liked the idea of doing a little recap of the last years blogs by sharing the top 10 visited posts. Feel free to peruse if you so feel inclined. They are listed in the order of their popularity through 2010.

  1. Memorable Kisses
  2. TMIT~ Lick My What?
  3. If I Had a Girl Crush
  4. Women’s Writes~ A Need to Know
  5. Italia 1~ Colosseo & Trevi
  6. Saying Saturday X
  7. 69 Shooting Stars
  8. Television Debut!
  9. Flash Fiction Thursday~ Not That Girl
  10. First Article Debut!

Now the following blogs are the ones that would bring you up to date on who and what MikShorty is… and a couple personal favorites in there as well.

Up next on MikShorty will likely be a 30 day meme… I’m tossing between two of them right now. I’ve never done one before so I figure it would be a good way to knock out 30 of the 365 days of blog posts in 2011. ;)

Oh, the blog is coming to it’s 300 comment marker… whoever posts the 300th comment will be given the opportunity to post a guest blog! Will it be you? … Or you in the corner?

EDIT- So, I didn’t realize pings were included in comments… so my next comment milestone is 250… so if you are the 250th commenter, be prepared to see an email from me coming your way. ;)


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wait wait wait.. the 300th comment??? geez louise… i’m happy when i get 3 comments!

Comment by kelly

I didn’t check things right and 250 is actually my next milestone. I guess pings are included in comments. But yeah… Usually if I comment on other blogs, they come back and comment on mine. It’s blog courtesy. Haha!

Comment by Mikael

Well done on the milestone… And nice going on posting every day…. So far I posted ONCE in 2011! LOL

Comment by Marliz3e

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