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Flash Fiction Thursday~ Orb by Mikael
January 6, 2011, 12:27 pm
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And I’m back with an installment of Flash Fiction Thursday! I miss doing these little clips.  Here is one from a concept that I’m developing right now… please enjoy!



Aviana stormed out of the house with her silver gown catching in the wind.  No one came after her this time.  It was clear that her training was unsuccessful.  She was the only Trapper to not be able to trap anything despite her families best efforts to bring her talents to the brink.  As she came to the little creek that split through their huge garden, she sank to the grass where she rested her head and elbows on her knees trying to hold back her tears.

She didn’t want to be a Trapper.  Her family had made that decision for her when she was fifteen.  If she were to become a Trapper like them, she would have felt like she failed herself.  As a part of their duties as the City of Colbourne’s Guard of Justice, the Kevlyn family could use their innate ability to transform people into orbs as a form of imprisonment to keep them out of any more trouble.  However, Aviana felt they imprisoned people for the pettiest of crimes, without a trial or anything.  With the duration of imprisonment ranging from ten years to forever, she hardly thought that was fair for anyone whose crime was anything short of murder.

That day, her stepbrother Oslo had returned home with a gagged man who had been caught stealing apples at the market.  One look at the man and Aviana felt his pain.  He looked scared.  He was given a moment to confess why he committed his crime.

“My family has no money for food,” he whispered.  “I was only trying to help them.”

At that point, Oslo demanded that Aviana trap him inside an orb in which he would stay for a decade.  She couldn’t do it.  She placed her hand on the new prisoner and yet nothing happened.

“Put your heart into it, Aviana!” Oslo had yelled. But that was the one thing she couldn’t do.  Condemning a man to ten years trapped inside an orb and perhaps even subjected to shocking for a crime like stealing food to feed his family seemed like a crime in itself. What would his family do now that he would be imprisoned?

Her mother and stepfather shook their heads morosely when she couldn’t perform as they wanted and Oslo had to perform the trapping.  “I’m very disappointed,” her mother had murmured.

Sniffling, she looked up.  From up the creek, she saw something peculiar.  An orb, one just like the orbs her family trapped prisoners inside of, was floating down the water.  The water slowly coaxed the rainbow-reflecting orb downstream to where Aviana was sitting.  Kneeling forward, she reached out her hand to stop it.  She picked it up out of the water and placed her other hand on the other side of it.

As soon as she saw her own reflection in the orb, the image of a young boy glanced back at her.  They had imprisoned a boy?  A boy who maybe knew nothing of the crime he committed.  Though she yearned to throw the orb against a tree, she knew that would not free him but would instead kill him.

Without warning, the orb started glowing in her hands.  In her surprise, she nearly dropped it but found that she couldn’t tear her hands from it even if she wanted to. Lights emitted as beams on the ground as though it were an imploding star.  In an instant, the orb had vanished from her hands.

The young boy whose face she saw projected in the orb was curled into a ball in front of her.


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