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Perplexed by Mikael
January 11, 2011, 11:07 am
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  • Accidentally dropping a co-workers camera bag into a lake that seems deeper than it is and trying to retrieve it while surrounded by fish… thus me freaking out because of my fear of fish
  • Making out with a tongue-ringed Daniel Radcliffe while he’s naked in bed with a sleeping Emma Watson
  • Going to Bear Lake and out-swimming my cousin who swam in high school
  • My car breaking down 3 hours from home and my mom driving to come help out
  • Getting chased by dinosaurs and a devilish blonde toddler into a theme park with my cousins and riding stupid rides
  • Eating pretzel M&Ms… a whole party-sized bag by myself at said theme park

Can you see a common ground between all these things? No?  I’m not surprised…

I certainly can… that’s because they were all different dreams I had last night! Yes, in one night.I think my brain used way too much power to imagine these dreams because my mind is not there at all today.  One theme I did notice throughout the dream though is sniffing. At some point in every scenario, I was sniffing/smelling something. It was very strange…

I woke up this morning–took out my Italian books thinking I had it yesterday only to realize in the car that I have Italian every day now. I’m talking to myself too much to get my mind straight.

And against my belief system, I invested in a parking permit so I don’t have to walk a bloody half hour to my car from the Huntsman Center.

Luckily a few things are going okay today or I’d say I lost my mind.


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Holy crap! Your dreams sound as weird (or possibly moreso?) than mine. Dreams are amazing, and yet so crazy sometimes!

Comment by sheadaisy

My dreams are absolutely insane! I always wonder what their hidden meaning is… haha.

Comment by Mikael

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