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Flash Fiction Thursday~ The Charm by Mikael
January 13, 2011, 5:47 pm
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Hey everyone! Back again for another round of Flash Fiction Thursday!  This is something of a prologue to a story (maybe a flashback… we’ll see) that I’m working on… I posted a dialogue piece from it a while back… but ages and the boy’s name have changed. I won’t get into that now but enjoy this weeks snippet!

*   *   *

“Oh, my God.  This is it.”

Cleo slowly but surely clasped her hand with the charm in it tightly.  Before she could extract the charm, a voice spoke, “Step back, Cleo.”

Startled, Cleo accidentally pulled the charm out of the gaping hole in the wall and it clambered across the floor.  It was a small maroon orb on a chain.  It rolled to a stop at Serafina’s feet.  When Cleo finally looked up at Serafina, her friend’s face no longer looked at her admiringly as it so often did.  “Jesus Christ, Sera!  You scared me! I thought you had gone up to the cemetery.”

Serafina knelt down and scooped up the charm in her hand.  Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply.  The strong human connection to the charm was felt throughout the chamber immediately.  Cleo began to feel uneasy.

In a moment, she realized just exactly why Serafina had offered to join this quest in the first place. They were supposed to find the last surviving charm of the Conjurers of Glory and return it to safety to keep the magic alive for years to come. But Serafina only wanted the magic for herself. Why hadn’t I figured this out before? Cleo thought to herself. And I led her right to it.

Waiting with bated breath, Cleo feared to strike Serafina for fear of breaking the charm.  The power was even stronger than she imagined as it radiated through even the stone beneath Cleo’s feet.  When Serafina’s eyes snapped open, they were a shocking bright red.

“Now we’ll see who’s the better Seeker… or should I say Binder?” Serafina scowled as she placed the chain around her neck so the maroon orb swung gently against her breast.  She pointed at Cleo with a contorted evil hand and a sneer on her face.  Instantly, Cleo fell to a clump at the floor screaming as she felt as though her spine was writhing and shrinking beneath her skin.

Before Cleo’s world collapsed into darkness, her thoughts flashed to her two-year old daughter that she had left behind when she was called upon for this quest.  The little blonde girl who had never known her mother but would wish she had for many years to come.


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