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I’m a Virgo by Mikael
January 14, 2011, 12:40 pm
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Let me preface this by saying that my interest in horoscopes, astrology, and astronomy verges on almost embarrassing but I stand by it all the same.

Have you heard that horoscopes have changed this week? If not, then you clearly have not been online. Twitter and Facebook has exploded with rage or fascination.

“This is not something that happened today. This has gone on for thousands of years,” said astronomer Parke Kunkle as according to this article by NBC. It’s about time someone realized that.

The earth’s position in conjunction with the sun, the stars, and even it’s axis movement has changed throughout the years, so it only seems natural that the horoscopes would adjust.

This information, of course, is not news to me.

If you were to base my birthday (October 13th) on the now old Western horoscopes, I would have been labeled a Libra. My entire life, I never felt I identified with it. At all. I would read it and go–this is just not me. Some traits somewhat fit but I felt the sign didn’t fit me. So naturally, my interest was pretty lax at that point.

Almost exactly three years ago (to the month!), my mom signed me up for a Jyotish (Vedic) astrology reading. This is an ancient Indian astrology based on sidereal astrology (not tropical/Western whose basis is on the sun). It bases horoscopes on the position of Earth in relation to the whole galaxy at the time and location of where you are born and not simply the date.  The signs align with their constellation. Every 700 years there is some sort of shift that adjusts each horoscope by approximately a day. Western astrology has never really acknowledged that shift and instead focuses solely on the seasons which is why the dates have been the same for each sign for years. But this shift explains why I identify so much with Virgo instead of Libra.

I won’t bore you with any more details about that science… I’ll just say that I was astounded with how accurate that reading was about every facet of my life. I was a convert to Jyotish astrology and have since been following Virgo horoscopes. The website I like to use is CyberAstro.(It’s free!) I’m not trying to convert you, but I’m just informing you of your astrological options. ;)

While my sun sign is Virgo, my moon sign is Libra which would explain the few characteristics that do fit me. My rising sign is Scorpio. Those three signs combined make up me!

The specificity of time, location and everything in this kind of astrology makes sense to me and attributes to my belief in the accuracy of it. I know a lot of people think horoscopes are hokey or what have you but I think it is pretty darn fascinated how connected everything seems to be.

Is it weird that I honestly believe that there is a cosmic connection between the galaxy, patterns in humanity, and who we ultimately are? Weird or not, I’m into it. In fact, it is my belief that cosmic particles created by the Big Bang are the reason for life on Earth and are still in play to this day. Don’t look at me that way… I’m weird and I embrace it. Do you embrace your oddities?

I’m a proud Virgo and Western astrology is only recently catching onto that.

Is it possible for the cosmos to be my religion? :P


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WHAT???? i mean yay for you, but i am NOT a taurus. I am a Gemini. Gemini, gemini, gemini!!!

Comment by kelly

LOL, You can choose to follow whichever you like. No matter what, it is up to you anyway. A lot of people don’t listen to scientists ;)

Comment by Mikael

im a taurus! :) i love this stuff! id love even more if you would do my FWF!

week three is about dreams & dreaming… u may like to do that one? :) but they will all be fun! hope you will consider :)


Comment by Kellie Elmore

I believe in it. I was watching this video that explains how astrology was “discovered” (ancient Babylonia) or when they started to notice human patterns in relation to certain periods of time. How kids born in April act like little rams and grow up to be warrior-like. I also believe that other things in your chart make up aspects of your personality, so your sun sign isn’t all you should listen to anyway. I’m a Cancer but I have a lot of fire signs in my chart, like moon in Sagittarius (makes me adventurous) and my Leo rising (makes me feel like the world is a stage). So I definitely don’t act completely like a Cancer, even though a lot of what is said about them is true for me. I love talking about astrology. :D

Comment by Angie

That’s so interesting Mikael :). I’m in November, so supposedly was a Scorpio, but I feel like I identify as a whole much more closely to Libra. Crazy how that works, huh?

Comment by sheadaisy

I haven’t checked to see what my “new” sign is now that things have changed. I’m a Virgo and the sign suits me perfectly. I was born under that sign so I’m not going to change ;)

Comment by Skinny Dip

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