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Awake by Mikael
January 15, 2011, 11:47 pm
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Just got home from seeing Spring Awakening on tour… Seriously, I loved it. One of the best plays I’ve seen a very long time. A couple acting moments were a little shaky but I really loved the whole thing. It added a whole new dimension for me since I’ve only heard a couple songs from the soundtrack before tonight. It’s a very… different kind of play with a lot of breaks in the fourth wall, interesting staging choices (like audience members sitting on stage), and a peculiar way of speaking every actor engages in. The music is fantastic too.  All in all–*applauds madly*

Here’s a bit of a preview of the show I found on YouTube –

Trust me when I say this does it absolutely no justice… it’s just a subtle taste of what I experienced tonight. If you haven’t seen this show yet, I highly recommend looking them up and seeing if they hit somewhere near your hometown!  This is definitely a play worth seeing.

Oh, and the guy who played Melchior? Christopher Wood?  He’s the man I’m supposed to marry… he just doesn’t know it yet. He did sign my program though and that’s the first step towards him standing at the end of my aisle. ;)

Seeing this totally makes me rethink my objectives in my life though. Just saying.


Be warned though- strong sexual language/content, language, partial nudity, and minor drug use is portrayed in this production.


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