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A New Hero by Mikael
January 22, 2011, 10:40 pm
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This week, I had the most wonderful opportunity to work with Dr. James Jordan, one of the very best and influential conductors in the country and the Senior Director at Westminster Choir College.  The University of Utah Singers and A Cappella choirs have been working with him since Monday, and tonight all of that manifested in a spectacular night of music.

My mom said our choirs have never sounded better than they did tonight ever since my freshman year of college… Even I was nearly moved to tears by our performance of the Son of God Mass by James Whitbourn (had to hold myself back from looking like a boob onstage). When a video or disc of tonight is released, I will most definitely be posting some of it here.

Dr. Jordan is seriously one of the most genuine and awe-inspiring people I have ever met. The moment I went up to shake his hand, I felt this warmth inside of me that was unmistakable. He touched me… through his light, his authenticity, and his amazing sense and wisdom of the whole art of music. I feel so honored to have been able to work with him, even if only for a week. Our school was very lucky to have him come and work with us.

Easily, the hardest part of the night was saying goodbye to this significant figure. It felt like I was bidding adieu to a very dear friend whom I would never see again but never forget. I even expressed to him that I wished he could stay and I truly meant it. As I walked away, it was hard not to cry… and I ate a few Reeses PB cups in my emotional moment.

I hope one day I’ll get the chance to work with Dr. James Jordan again. This is an experience that I will remember forever. I may even see it as my re-entry into the realm of music. I never really left but the immersion into the heart and soul of the pieces that Dr. Jordan introduced to us was amazing and reaffirmed my passion for it.

Dr. James Jordan may just be my new hero… Can you tell? :)


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