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What Coach Says Goes by Mikael
January 23, 2011, 3:54 pm
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I worked two swim meets this weekend. One on Friday, the second on Saturday morning. A lot of what coach talked to me about was how the kids need to learn how to rebound after a night of swimming to get right back up and go again the next day since conference is like that… and that is about a month away for the swimmers and divers.

Usually after the meets, the coach says a few words to the squad. Yesterday, I was able to actually hear him make his speech and he said some things that I felt were universally true. Because they had competed the night before, some were either tired or didn’t fully recover thus didn’t race as well yesterday morning.

One of the strongest swimmers of the meet posted some even better times than the night before and I got a chance to talk to him after. He said that he had eaten a good dinner with protein and complex carbs, took an ice bath to combat stiff muscles, and warmed up and stretched well before swimming. He said simply doing all those things made the hugest difference. Seriously, this kid made swimming look easy–that’s how good he is.

In order for our bodies to work in tip-top shape, they need to be treated right. That includes getting rest, eating the right foods, stretching/warming up, and keeping yourself active. If you don’t eat enough protein and healthy carbs, all the while staying away from the foods that don’t bring any sort of nourishment to your body (aka: junk, refined sugar, alcohol, etc.), your body won’t function the way it is supposed to let alone at peak level. And the key is to do that every day and not just on they days leading up to and the days of competition so abilities have room to grow instead of being broken down by detrimental habits, like eating junk foods and not keeping our bodies stretched, supple, well-rested and active.

Why don’t we see our bodies in this way? Not all of us may be competitive athletes but why wouldn’t we want our bodies to work well and work right like they are supposed to? Junk food and being lazy may be tantalizing and enjoyable… but in reality, it’s doing our bodies more harm than good.

How do you feel after you gorge on junk food? Like crap right (lethargic, down on yourself, maybe even fat–yes, I said the F word)? And when you eat the foods that are good for you? It’s a refresher for your body since you are giving it what it needs. It’s like your body is thanking you for treating it right–by feeling fantastic!

I notice a huge difference between when I eat good-for-you foods as compared to junk food. Of course, junk food does taste good. But it really can’t compare to the sense of well-being that comes from eating wholesome foods… and those foods don’t leave you feeling like junk either. They don’t even have any worth of satisfaction except for on your taste buds and because of that, we like to eat it more but end up eating so much we feel sick.

Would you rather feel satisfied and healthy? Or unsatisfied and sick? Remember, it’s all up to you to make that choice.


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