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Flash Fiction Thursday~ Twins by Mikael
January 27, 2011, 10:59 pm
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Here is the beginning of a story I’ve had in mind for a while. I’m tempted to turn it into a screenplay instead of a novel but we’ll see… Enjoy!


Annie was late… again.  She is the one who planned the dinner, arranged the reservation for ten o’clock.  It was now fifteen past the hour and she was nowhere in sight.  Plus, she never even told Megan where they were going.  Another glance around the darkened hotel bar told Megan that her sister still wasn’t there.  The clacking of high heels on the glossy lobby tiles would surely announce her arrival any minute.  Taking another long gulp of Guinness, Megan began to tap her foot impatiently.  Annie was staying in this hotel for God’s sake!

However, Megan had been used to her sister’s tardiness ever since they graced the earth nearly twenty-seven years ago.  Stubborn as ever, Annie decided to come a half hour after Megan in the birth canal, making her the first baby born in the New Year.  She seemed unable to stay away from the spotlight after that.  And when Annie started to get more attention from the Hollywood casting directors, her punctuality had to change.  “People expect a lot from me,” she constantly insisted.  This time, Megan assumed that Annie was late because she was trying to make herself as inconspicuous as possible to keep people from recognizing her and disrupting this dinner. Yes, that sounds like her.  But that means the signature three inch heels that usually donned her sisters perfectly manicured feet most likely would not be echoing through the lobby and Megan had no way to know if she was approaching.  God knows that the “twin connection” didn’t help there…

As far as Megan was concerned, the only connections they still had were via cell phone and the internet which they used to chat to each other when Annie’s schedule was free which, in all honesty, was a complete happenstance.  Annie, on the other hand, had always been convinced that the two shared that indescribable twin connection.

The similarities between these two sisters were very limited.  They barely even looked alike.  In fact, only one person in the past three years had claimed that Megan even somewhat resembled “the girl off that Hidden movie.”  Unless they stood next to each other, one would not think they were sisters let alone twins.  Well, fraternal twins to be scientifically correct.  That’s why it was so easy for Megan to stay under the radar while Annie reveled onscreen and on the red carpet.

Tonight, Megan had made an effort to look good for Annie.  Annie had called yesterday claiming she had amazing news so Megan put on her only dress that was in fact a gift from her sister.  It was short and black with a v-neck collar that dipped between her breasts, showing much more than she liked.  But she did like the fact that it showed off her shapely shoulders.  For the first time in months, she let her honey brown hair down in their natural waves which grazed the spot between her shoulder blades.

Clacking could be heard on the polished floor before a voice yelled, “Ciao bella!”

Oh, no… Megan thought to herself.  Reluctantly turning toward the bar’s entrance, she saw a woman dressed in an elaborate grey fur coat with a large red purse resembling a clam dangling from her elbow as she waved in Megan’s direction, walking deliberately across the bar in her red high heels.  Bright blonde hair swirled ontop of her head in a 1920’s-era style bun and very big round red sunglasses hid her eyes which Megan knew were a dark blue, unlike her own green eyes.  The few people in the bar glanced at Annie briefly before returning to their own drinks.  A couple shook their heads in annoyance.  Quickly downing the rest of her Guinness, Megan turned back to face her sister, plastering a smile on her face.

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