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A January Recap by Mikael
January 31, 2011, 3:20 pm
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Wow… I cannot believe it’s the last day of January already!  It feels like New Years was both just here and also feels like it was ages ago. It’s weird how time plays those kinds of tricks on your mind.

So, with the PostADay WordPress Challenge, I hit 30 of the 31 days of the month! I think that’s pretty darn good… I like doing it every day despite my insanely busy schedule. It’s like– “hey, these five minutes are for me!” And if there is anything you want to see more of on my blog, let me know! ;)

I am, as always, very busy. My internship is taking up infinitely more time than anything else. I love it to death but it’s tough to stay sane when it cuts into my workout time. I need my Zumba and Pole Fitness classes as well as whatever else I can get in the fitness department!  I seriously plan everything around my fitness and internship schedules.  Those are my main priorities. =)

School is good. Easy. Not too much work which is nice with my internship demands. Lots of music, Italian, and reading plays going around so it’s a good time.

In an effort to keep my social life alive, I’m actually scheduling friends on my nights off whenever I can. It’s hard… and more often then not, they are dates or hanging out with guys. Don’t know how or why it has worked out that way, but I’ll take it. (Maybe it’s because of all the girl talk I get at the office?)

I did have a great girls night last week though and we went to see No Strings Attached. Hilarious and predictable, with a couple I wouldn’t expect to work but surprisingly did.

Yesterday, I saw Country Strong with my mom and that movie was really good. I’m hooked on Garrett Hedlund’s raspy country soulful voice now… There was some great music in that flick.

And I have a guest post coming up soon!  My 250th comment was from my very good IRL friend, RaShea!  She said she’s trying to work on it right now. Love her to death… did I ever tell you she and I did a vampire photo shoot on Halloween with our other good friend? Well, we did. And it was a blast!  I love watching her grow as a photographer. She’s so good!

I need to wrap up so I can go hit the gym. Hope you all are having happy Mondays!


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