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#BISC! by Mikael

I know this is my second post in one day, but I have a little free time and I have some pretty awesome news too…

Come May 6, I graduate college. Sweet, right?

But come May 19?  Bloggers in Sin City, baby! 99 other bloggers, many of whom I follow, will be gathering in Las Vegas for 4 whole days of shenanigans! It will be epic… I can feel it in my bones!

Last week, I registered basically spur of the moment. I debated the idea for less then 8 hours before I just said, “Ah, screw it! I’m going!” Some of my all-time favorite bloggers are already going to be there and I did NOT want to pass up this opportunity to meet them again. So now I’m going! Kind of a graduation celebration of sorts… haha!

Today, I found out my roommate assignment for BiSC is (drumroll please!) … bdbdbdbbdbdbdbbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbbdbdbd-ch!

Ameena! This is her blog and I’ve kind been lurking on it for the past half hour (here’s hoping she doesn’t think I’m a creeper if she sees this!). Let me just say, I cannot wait to meet her! Crazy thing is, she and I actually live in the same state. Makes me wonder if we’ve ever met or anything like that before…

Either before or after BiSC, I’m going to spend a couple/few days with my dad. If I’m going down there, there is no way I’m leaving without hanging out with my fam! If you don’t know yet, I’ve become a Vegas regular since my dad moved down there in December of ’09. Seriously, I went 8 times last year! Minimum! It really is like a second home. Truth be told, I prefer it’s sunny weather and the “always something to do” atmosphere rather than Utah. Plus, it’s always nice to go see my dad and my girls! It doesn’t hurt that one of my really good friends lives down there so we can jam out at clubs together…

But BiSC is going to be different. I’ll be in the presence of 99 other bloggers for the entirety of those 4 days! I’ve read stories from last years’ BiSC adventures and I can only imagine what this year’s BiSC will have in store. Literally, my bones are shivering in anticipation! Ah… I cannot wait!

It’s going to be so fun to meet bloggers from all over! New friends alert! I’ve looked at the itinerary and that alone has some activities of epic proportions. May 19th cannot get here soon enough. Will attending BiSC be life changing? Me thinks most likely!

So… now that I’ve used the word “epic” far more than morally acceptable… can you tell I’m excited?


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Is this a yearly thing? I’ve never heard of it. If its yearly you should go again next year and I’ll go too. I’ve been thinking about going to a meet-up of some sort but never got around to looking…

Comment by Angie

Sounds like a fun time all round!

Comment by booguloo

Can’t wait to meet you!!!

Comment by LiLu

Yes! So excited! EPIC, indeed :)

Comment by nicole antoinette

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