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Flash Fiction Thursday by Mikael
February 3, 2011, 12:13 pm
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Here is a short clip from one of my stories… it’s a historical British piece I worked on during my junior year. I’m still debating if I want to pick it up again… we’ll see. Pelase enjoy!


Finishing the last of her tea, Laura stood and gathered up her bow with a new arrow she plucked from the quiver resting on the grass.  Although Catherine had been absent all afternoon, Laura had already grown tired of her sister.  She stalked past her brother, who had retaken his seat when they started laughing, to her usual shooting spot.  Looping her fingers around the arrow’s tail, she lifted the bow to take aim for her shot.  Assuming the proper stance, Laura aligned herself a little to the left the haystack to account for the wind.  Inhaling, she pulled on the arrow and focused on the target.

“Excuse me, Miss Laura, but there is a gentleman here who says he’s here on behalf of Andre Darnell,” Cora said from the doorway.  At the sound of Andre’s name, Laura’s heart fluttered at the base of her throat, making her fingers slip off the arrow and string.  The arrow shot without warning as the bow fell from her hands.  She whipped around to see Emile staring at their housemaid.  Her breath caught in her chest when she saw Cora, who looked abnormally pale as though she had seen a ghost.  When she saw that she had not imagined her housemaid making the unexpected claim, Laura could breathe again.  Cora looked concerned when Laura brought her hand to her chest.  Warmth spread through her with each erratic heart beat.

It had been a few months since Andre’s last letter, and now someone had come to speak with her about him.  Someone had come to tell her that her beloved would be back soon.  A messenger to tell her that Andre missed her terribly, that he still loved her, or that he was finally coming home.  Maybe he was bringing yet one more letter from her fiance saying that he will be home in no time.  Questions filled her mind.  Where was he now?  How long would it take for him to get home?  Should they start making wedding arrangements?  After waiting for four years, Laura saw hope.
In her excitement, Laura turned to look back at the target.  The haystack was undisturbed and her most recent arrow was nowhere in sight.  Well, she had been pleasantly surprised and distracted so the arrow must have gone off course into the woods beyond.  She could not stop herself from smiling as she turned and said, “Well, what are you waiting for?  Invite him in.”

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Thanks for popping over to my Quill or Pill blog and I DO think that most of those song titles actually exist! Good luck with graduation and career choices (daunting). This piece might be nice at the other site I own called Romance Flash! Great to “meet you” and have fun at that Blogfest in Vegas!

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