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To Stay or Not to Stay? by Mikael
February 6, 2011, 12:07 pm
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Whoa… I missed two days in a row! Oops! But since I did two posts on Thursday, one can count for Friday? Maybe? Kinda? Sort of?

Friday was go-go-go the whole day until past midnight so I won’t go there… The final swim meet of the year was very exciting and a close match for the men’s team, but unfortunately we were defeated by our rivals. I still had a good time! I’m really quite attached to the swim team… if I end up staying in Utah, I’m definitely coming to meets next year.

Yesterday was very busy. Started the day off nice and early to go to my WW meeting, then ran to my Pole Fitness class, followed by my Zumba class. Saturday’s are my me days in the mornings… I get both of my favorite fitness classes back to back and it’s amazing! =)

The only time I got on the computer was to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice then I had to bolt to get ready to work the Utah men’s basketball game. We lost (again). I wonder when they are going to win (again).

After that, it was ice cream with a couple of my fellow interns. I have decided they are quite fun to hang out with! I’m even on hugging terms with Em now which I love! Hugs seriously make a day so much better.

These past couple of days are kind of making me sad though. I’m a senior, graduating in May. That means I don’t think I’ll be able to do this internship next year no matter how much I want to. I really love this internship! On Senior Night at the BYU vs Utah swim meet on Friday, I started to get all sentimental as well because it was the last home meet I would work at. I don’t want to be done yet! I love it too much.

I love the people I work with (the interns, my bosses, the swimming coaches and the team, and other athletes and coaches I’ve had the honor of working with). I love that I get to write all the time. I love the deadline-based atmosphere–it’s perfect for keeping me on my toes and doing a good job. I love the sport that I cover (swimming and diving!). There’s not a part of this job that I hate… absolutely nothing. I may work a lot but I have no problem with that–it’s only preparing me for after I graduate. But I’m not ready to leave yet! I don’t want to go! This internship has been amazing this whole year! Yes, it’s not over until May but the finality is still in the air right now. At this point, I’m seriously considering asking my boss if there is an opening in their department or anything like that just so I can stay.

I’m still keeping my eyes peeled for opportunities for after graduation, both elsewhere and in Utah. As much as I want to get out of Utah, there are some things here that are truly irreplaceable. Like my family, my friends, my wonderful Zumba and Pole Fitness classes (which are completely unique unto themselves), and a couple more things. It’s ultimately the weather and the “bubble” like feel with the people here that get to me.

Is it really so crucial for me to leave Utah when I graduate? Part of me says yes and the other says no… Maybe it all just depends on where I manage to secure a job opportunity (keeping my fingers crossed for Penguin Publishing group internship!). Either way, I will be happy. But it’s just crazy to think that in just a few months, I graduate and I’ll have to go do something else! C’est la vie!

On another note… GO STEELERS! =)


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oh my goodness. i definitely can relate to you. all i ever think about is leaving utah after i graduate, but i’ve also grown to love salt lake city very much. i mean…i’ve built a life here! Anyway, whether you decide to stay or go, you’ll definitely have many adventures! i’m keeping my fingers crossed for your Penguin Publishing group internship! Good luck!

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