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Saying Saturday XVII by Mikael

Haven’t done Saying Saturday’s in forever! It’s much harder to keep track of funny sayings now… Here’s what I have been able to record and remember lately!

If you’ve missed previous Saying Saturdays and wish to see them, go here! =)


At the U vs. BYU men’s basketball game… a cute old man named Ted, who has become quite a dear friend of mine, told me this one:

They oughta pay you gas mileage for all the running around you’re doing.

Mom made cake or brownies… this is the conversation that ensued.

Mom: Come have some of this!
Me: You’re trying to make me go over for the day…
Mom: Nuh, uh.
Me: Yeah you are.
Mom: No, there’s no calories in it since it’s after 9.

Upon seeing my cars antennae which has met it’s death…

Mary (Mew2): It’s like a pig with a tail!

A girl in my choir class said this one day and I couldn’t help but laugh… it was true and it was awesome that she owned it gladly.

I’m so wide I’m like a female linebacker.

Mom: Did I see all of privates?

Private Practice, she means… haha.

Talking about lower tummies…

Mom: Aren’t your ovaries and appendix right there?
Me: No, they are higher in the body.
Mom: I’m old so they’ve probably fallen and they can’t get up.

At a women’s basketball game when I saw some yumminess in the stands…

Me: Oooh! Milk chocolate, twelve o’clock!
Brooke: What?
Me: A beautiful black man is in the crowd.
Brooke: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Stop drooling.

Me: Are you doing a superbowl party?
Connor: Yeah! The superbowl is bigger than Christmas!

Me: Is it bad that I want to Google you now? Wait… never mind, that sounded totally dirty.

Right before our choir concert and I still hadn’t changed into my dress yet…

Erica: You need to get dressed, lady.
Me: All I need to do is throw on my skirt and I’m done.
Erica: True.
Me: Oh, and I’d need to take off my jeans but that only takes two seconds.
Erica: You might not want to broadcast that you can take your pants off in two seconds.
Me: … Good point.

Cute fellow intern quotes…

Andrea: That’s what happens when you don’t actually do something. You get the vocabulary wrong.

Em: I’m not stressed, that’s just my face.

Connor: I’m not a follower, I’m a leader. I make my own fashion trends.

I’ll try and be better with jotting these down! Have a good weekend everyone! =)


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“Me: Oooh! Milk chocolate, twelve o’clock” – hahaha, I was totally confused, I thought this entry was going to be about your noon treat XD.

Love your Saturdays, as always ^_^.

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