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Timing Is Everything by Mikael
February 13, 2011, 6:11 pm
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When the stars line up and you catch a good break,
People think you’re lucky but you know it’s grace.

You can call it fate or destiny,
Sometimes it really seems like is a mystery.
You can be hurt by love or healed by the same.

It can happen so fast or a little bit late.
Timing is everything.

~ Garrett Hedlund, “Timing is Everything” from Country Strong

Now I’m a firm believer that timing really is everything and that everything happens for a reason.

But when you need to talk to someone about something important, it can be hard to find the right time. And now I’m a little weirded out because I initially typed “now” instead of “time” at the end of that sentence… That’s my question: is now always the best time? Or should you wait for a more opportune moment?

Let’s have an example or two here shall we?

Say you’ve pre-planned a get together with a friend. But a couple weeks before the event, you don’t feel like they are your friend anymore but they clearly think otherwise. Do you tell them long before the event? Or wait until the event when they bring up if they want to hang out again to break the news to them? One gives your friend one last chance to hang out with you where the other cuts your own losses short… but either way, your “friend” may get hurt no matter how gently you try to put it. Is it better to break it to them now or wait until you see them in person?

Or another example would be expressing interest in potential job openings. I’m in this situation right now. As I’ve said before, I absolutely love my internship and am already dreading the day it’s over. When is the right time to approach my boss to say that if there are any openings that I would love to be considered for them? Someone made a great point yesterday that doing it after they’ve complimented your work makes it seem like you’re milking it for all it’s worth… so do I present the idea to her now or wait until the internship is closer to a close?

These are two situations where timing can either make or break you. The choice you make as to when your timing would be best suited can be hard to determine. Which time would do the least amount of damage. Which time would make it easier on everyone involved. A lot can go into it.

It’s interesting… I remember looking back to two days after I auditioned for American Idol in the summer of ’08. Not even two days later, my jaw locked shut with one of the worst cases of a TMD my jaw specialist had ever seen. Thus, I had to change my major from Voice Performance (which coincidentally I felt out of place in) to English. Because of my switch to English, I found the opportunity to go to Cambridge University for a summer semester where I met some amazing friends. That opportunity also gave me the chance to explore Ireland and discover my favorite city in the world (London!). If my dad hadn’t moved to Las Vegas, I wouldn’t have rekindled one of my favorite friendships. If I hadn’t started tweeting, I never would have made such awesome online friends (one in particular took me to the Glee concert last spring!). And then because I decided to jump at the opportunity of my internship, I’ve found a career direction that is a very appealing option for me. Not to mention that, again, I’ve met some great people and gained invaluable experience.

There are many more examples I have in my life that clearly meant that everything happens at a particular time for a particular reason. It’s weird, but you may not even realize that one decision can affect so many decisions thereafter. We always wonder, “What if…”. But what if the choice you made at a certain point in time is the one that is the best for you in the long run?

This topic absolutely fascinates me so if anyone wants to talk more about it–let me know! Why not start a discussion in my comments about this? ;)

Do you believe everything happen for a reason?


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