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I make up words by Mikael
February 17, 2011, 11:56 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, ADD-ness, Imagine, RaNdOm

I’m not sure if it’s a a no-filter thing between my brain and my mouth, but a lot of the time I’m shocked at what comes out from between my two smackers.

  • Random jumbles of letters.  Literally.  Mostly vowels.  But still. Occurs when I slip, trip, or am surprised/frightened by something.
  • Reflex responses.  Often rude, vulgar, or something that makes no sense whatsoever… but always honest.  Raucous laughter fits this category.
  • And my personal favorite–completely made up words.

Yep, I make up my own words.  My personal favorite is frustricate.  Can’t remember when it was born but it has stuck with me for at least a couple years.  By my dictionary it means something along the lines of frustrated beyond all reason while trying to figure something out.  Usually.  Or I’m so frustrated that no one can extricate me from my frustration?  I’m still trying to figure out how the “icated” popped itself in there.   So it can be subject to change if I just want to say “I’m so frustricated!”

A lot of the time, my verbal creations can be a strange combination of words but other times (like frustricate and frindiculous), I try to say one thing but something comes out of my mouth that I happen to like better. It’s a better way to express how I feel, by not using a word that’s in Websters.  Unfortunately no one else knows what I’m saying.  As long I know, we’re all good right?

Like today… I was baffled for the first few hours I was awake because it simply didn’t feel like a Thursday. In fact, it didn’t really feel like any weekday. So I decided to call it Anonday on the spot in Italian… I’ve been thinking I need that word patented or copyrighted or something ever since. It’s a good one.

What is a word that is signature to you that you either made up or use so much that it is basically “your word”?


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grelieved at someone’s death. Feeling grief and relief at the same time over someone’s long suffering before dying.

Comment by Michael Yost

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