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MOCHA! by Mikael
February 19, 2011, 8:17 pm
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I’d like to officially blame my best friend for my newest addiction. She decided she would be an absolute sweetheart and give me a Starbucks gift card for Valentine’s Day.

First off, I’d like to mention that I’ve NEVER been a coffee drinker. The taste usually disgusts me. Frappuccinos I liked for a while but then they started making me sick so I stopped drinking them when I was 16 (used to have a bit of a lactose intolerance that I’ve gradually built up a resistance to). I still can’t do straight coffee even with creamer and sugar added or even a latte. It needs to be a mocha.

So come Valentine’s Day, I wake up at 7:30 after not getting much sleep at a place my grandmother would not be proud of and I decided that since I was already having such a wonderful morning, I might as well kick it off even more with a mocha or something like that to use my Starbucks card. Skim mocha with hazelnut syrup? Heaven.

I have hit Starbucks once more this week and even Corner Bakery twice for their skim truffle mocha (which is even more heavenly!).

I’m seriously loving that little boost that the mocha is giving me. It lifts my mood and gives my energy a little boost as well. Bonus.

Now my problem is my Starbucks card is empty and I don’t want my newfound mocha affection to burn a hole in my pocket especially since I don’t really make all that much money. What’s a girl to do without her mocha?

Yep… I’ve yet to figure that out. Next challenge is to find a place with cheaper but really good mochas nonetheless.

If you know of any cost-friendly and delicious mochas and their locations… please let me know! =)


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