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I’m In Love by Mikael
February 21, 2011, 8:13 pm
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All you guys have major competition.

I’ve gone from acceptance to love in one of the most crucial relationships in my life… I’m not exactly sure how or why this transition happened in these past few days, but I think it’s something that has been a long time coming. I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!

Think you can guess who it is? Technically, it’s not a who… but a what. Any takers?

All right, I guess I’ll just say it. I’m in love… with my body. Surprised?

Seriously, this past week has taken my own acceptance of my body to admiration and love for my body. Yet this whole weekend, all I can think about is how much I love my body! That and the fact that my body is incredibly sore. Pole Fitness every other day for a week? It’s no wonder my body is both screaming and reveling at what it’s done.

That’s kind of what has triggered it. Pain. My body is strong enough to withstand killer workouts that tell me for days after that it was a good workout. My favorite part of my body is that it is physically able to handle such challenging activities and to watch it grow stronger, day by day.

I remember when I realized how awful my eating habits were, how lazy I was, and how 20 pounds crept on between my senior year of high school and my sophomore year of college. I didn’t even pay attention to my body up until then, but I really should have been. It was ignorance and not acceptance of my body that I had at that point. My body was just something to assist me to do what I want to. A house but not a home. I didn’t even realize how over the edge I had gone until I hit 170 and got crazy self-conscious. So I started WeightWatchers… and after two years on WW (one of them as a Lifetime member), I feel like I’ve gained a new perspective on my body with no self-consciousness at all.

My body is exactly how I want it to be. It’s fit. It’s healthy. It’s growing stronger every day. It’s beautiful in every way. It’s a place I’m proud to call home. To me, it’s perfect. I’m finally at the point where I don’t care what the number on the scale is but how it feels and how it handles tasks and challenges. Sure, I’ll keep tabs on it like I need to as a member of WW, but it doesn’t affect how my day goes or how I will behave. I enjoy the foods I want but still make sure I get the right foods so my body can feel good. It’s all about balance and moderation. Seriously.

This might sound really weird, but my favorite part is feeling myself up! Not like in a dirty way, but just touching my arms and feeling the firmness of the muscles or feeling the dimples in my lower back that I thought I’d never have. My abs even have lines I never even could imagine. Not only do I have an emotional attachment to my body but a physical attachment as well. It’s pretty crazy but refreshing and fascinating!

I feel like I owe a ton of credit to Pole Fitness for my body’s newfound definition. Not pole dancing… Pole Fitness is completely different. Think strength training with a pole for resistance and balance. I’ve been doing it since August and I enjoy it so much! Zumba and Pole Fitness. That’s all I need for a complete active life to keep my body strong and healthy! I know that’s what my body wants and needs. And since I love my body and treating it right (not to mention that I love doing these activities), I’m going to keep doing it!

If I manage to find someone that I love as much as myself, I will be truly astounded. Family and my best friends aside, of course. ;)

What about yourself do you love the most?


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“If I manage to find someone that I love as much as myself, I will be truly astounded.”

That’s about the best thing ever. I admit I thought you were talking about the pole dancing/stripper workout at first! That also has to be pretty grueling.

Comment by Angie

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