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Under Pressure! by Mikael
February 24, 2011, 12:30 am
Filed under: A Little Me, Good Things, Health, My Awesome Internship, Updates, Venting, Writing

The Utah swimming and diving team is currently competing at the MWC Championships. On the first day, they did fantastically well! Which is absolutely wonderful for them! (And yes, that is my recap.) I love that they are doing well… even though that means added pressure on their journalist. *sigh*

Coming off the stomach flu (most likely) and having the pressure of having to write a spectacular recap of the first day of championships isn’t conducive to a healthy me. Today, I felt great until about halfway through the recap when coach informed me that because of all their success today, one of the big bosses was keeping an eye out for my recap (the one who called me his “favorite writer” and “best swim/dive intern in years” earlier in the month… EEP! Lots of pressure there!). And then I started feeling queasy and exhausted again. If tonight is any predictor at how the next couple of nights will go, I may bust a nut. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Better pull out the calendar and cancel anything and everything until after Saturday night! This will be a period of time where it will be ok if I don’t post anything. Don’t hate me if I can’t manage it!

Right now, I’m in much need of sleep and recovery. Ta-ta!


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