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Saying Saturday IIXX by Mikael

We’re back for the 18th Saying Saturday edition! Anybody know if I got the roman numeral right?

If you’ve missed previous Saying Saturdays and wish to see them, go here! =)

*   *   *

At the dinner table with the family, discussing how papers were written for class…

Mom: Back in the day…
StepDad: With typewriters.
Bro: I thought they used ink and quills then.

Discussing guy troubles with one of my good friends…

Me: I love your logic
Brandi: I love it too.

In my playwriting class… some of my friends are so creative and random.

Keira: I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off but I was next to the printer so I was happy.

Next few come from a night where CaliGirl and her mom came to town for her hockey tournament… A little more info: I had joined them right after my pole fitness class and let’s just say I had a bit of a “battle scar” from a few nights before. There was talk of vagina monologues and vagina warrior–need I say more?

CaliGirl: I don’t have time to date.
Me: Oh, I make time. It’s too fun.
CaliGirl: You’re neck seems to say so… after you’ve been hanging on a pole.
Me: Touche.

CaliGirl: I just had a vagina monologue.

CaliGirl: It looks like a vagina monologue. (referring to her food)
CaliMom: So, uh… where ya gonna put that wedge?

CaliGirl: Café Rio is sooo good!
Mom: But there’s no alcohol there.
CaliMom2: Oh, screw it! I’m not going there!

After CaliMom2 announced that her daughter (who is starring in the Vagina Monologues) wanted her to be her vagina warrior…

Mom: Can I be your vagina warrior?
Me: That just sounds wrong…

At the doctor’s office with my Bro and he had to get a shot…

Me:  Does it hurt?
Bro: No… not at all. That’s why my leg is twitching!

Fellow intern quote time! I seriously love these guys… =)

Connor: (singing) The sun’ll come out… tomorrow.
Me: Why do you always sing that song?
Connor: It’s the only song I know the words to.
Me: Yeah, that and Zippity Doo-Dah.
Connor: (singing and in his personal spelling of it) Zipity due da, zipity ah! My oh my, what a wonderful day…

Andrea: That’s like… high school movie moment stupid.

Connor: I’m gonna put a signup sheet right here so people can sign me out.

Em brought in an old-school lunch box one day…

Andrea: Does it have Mickey Mouse on it?
Em: No… Barbie!

*   *   *

Have a good weekend everybody!


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these are so adorable

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