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A Bachelorette Party Already? by Mikael
March 12, 2011, 4:39 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, Friends, Updates

Oh, snap… is my best friends wedding really that close? Oh, yeah. Look at the calendar. Just over a month away.

And tonight is just the beginning of it all: the bachelorette party. My best friend is back in town (YAY!) and with a bunch of girls (kill me now… a girl’s gotta have some kind of balance and I foresee little balance), the plan is dinner and clubbing. I’ll be working for a while so I may have to meet up with them a little later than the original 8 p.m. Such is work…

It’s going to be fun but it’s just crazy to think that it’s so close. That also means that I graduate in less than two months! Which also means that Bloggers in Sin City is close too! Psych!

I’ll let you all know if any absolute insanity goes on tonight, because Zeus knows that stuff like that is worth remembering. ;)


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