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Busy week ahead… by Mikael
March 13, 2011, 11:14 pm
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Looking at my calendar this week almost has me running for the hills and dropping everything. Each day has me going full out from 8 til I crash at night except Friday. But I must go through with it all… I must! Because I’m that much of a type-A freak. And if I didn’t do all of it, I’d likely be in some huge trouble and I like to avoid that if at all possible.

Monday: School, work, choir rehearsal, shopping for gifts needed this week, and the opera (need to see it to write a paper).

Tuesday: Plays are due for workshopping, work, school, pole fitness, and my best friend’s wedding shower.

Wednesday: Take car to get a new battery, music history midterm, school, work, choir rehearsal, choir concert.

Thursday: School, work, choir rehearsal with Dr. James Jordan, and my mom’s birthday! Oh, and the NCAA Women Swimming Championships start so I’ll have a recap to write as well.

Friday: Insanity of work begins since we’re hosting the NCAA women’s basketball tournament and need all hands on deck (to the point where they are writing a note for me to get out of class), but must go to choir rehearsal with Dr. Jordan near the end of the work day. Recap for swimming. Workout if at all possible.

Saturday: Pole, 1/2 of Zumba before bolting to go back to work for the basketball NCAA’s, choir concert that evening. Finish up swimming recap after.

Sunday: More NCAA basketball work but more time to catch up on sleep and sanity. Perhaps a yoga sesh?

Monday: Working the NCAA basketball one last time that night… then it’s spring break!

Don’t you love how the week prior to spring break will be my most intense week so far this semester? I have no idea how I’m going to have time to finish up my plays or get in some good study time for my midterm. If I didn’t have workouts scheduled in, I doubt I would last long with this kind of schedule consistently.

Why am I not studying or playwriting now? I needed to blog about this insanity while I still could. =D

Don’t gripe, I’m going to work on my play now…


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You’re going to have a blessed week!

Comment by booguloo

Thanks, I sure hope so!

Comment by Mikael

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