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Brain Fart Mondays by Mikael
April 4, 2011, 6:23 pm
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I seriously don’t know what happens between Friday and Monday, but most Mondays I have no idea where my brain is. It’s like, “Whoo, vacation time!” but then it likes to stay on vacation. The problem with that is my brain really can’t handle being in two places at once. So Monday’s tend to be… rather interesting upstairs.

For example:

My physical therapist’s office called today to notify me of an opening. After I hung up, I mumbled to myself… my fellow intern burst up laughing. Apparently, I had said “physical fairy” instead of “therapy”. Usually on Monday’s, my coherency level is at about 4 out of 10. I really can’t control what comes out of my mouth and sometimes it makes absolutely no sense. Some Monday’s are better than others in this respect, but generally that’s the case.

For another example:

I have a pretty big playwriting project due tomorrow. I have three plays (one is a musical) that I have been writing for it. They are all on my jump drive. Which I left plugged into my computer at the office! Which is a half hour drive away–meaning I would waste an hour going back and forth if I wanted to go get it badly enough to finish up. Let’s just say, I’m lucky there are other parts of the project I can do without my actual scripts tonight so I can just toss them all together when I get to the office in the morning. I feel like slapping my forehead like my dad does, yelling “D’oh!” like Homer Simpson.

I don’t think I need any more examples to show how much of an absolute dork I am on Mondays.

Who else has a problem with how their brain functions on Mondays? This is a safe zone, I promise.


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I am ok with getting rid of Mondays all together. I mean we need to equal out the work days and the off days. Who came up with work 5 and off 2 anyway?

Comment by livingvanilla

Agreed! I vote for 4 and 3 instead. ;)

Comment by Mikael

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