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Favoritism by Mikael
April 6, 2011, 5:05 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, College, On Stage, Remembering, Unhappy, Venting

The quickest way to piss me off is to show favoritism. This is most in particular to teachers, directors, and such. Favoritism within families is a completely different matter completely so I’d rather not get into that.

The fact that I was a teacher’s pet throughout my pre-college days is irrelevant. It was because I sought the teacher’s approval more than my peers which is why I had such a jacked social life for many years… but I digress.

What I’m talking about is when people constantly pick only a few people for certain things, only they do it over and over again.What I believe in is ample opportunity for everyone and favoritism like this certainly doesn’t allow that.

Exhibit A: My old performing group’s director. He says he tried not to involve it and tried to give everyone equal opportunity for everything… and I call bull shit. Anyone who watched our performances could tell who he liked or who he favored to be a dancer or to be a soloist. I may not have been the best dancer, but all I really wanted was more chances to be part of the dancer group for one or two songs out of eight in our song medleys. That rarely happened. It was always the same group of 3 or 4 girls. I would envy them and I know I wasn’t alone. I guess the fact that I usually got a good solo compensated for my lack of dancing opportunities. Regardless, I really wanted to be a dancer more often just like most of the other “singer” girls.

Exhibit B: The former choir director at my university. Though undoubtedly brilliant beyond belief, he always chose the same two, yes only two, girls for solos during my freshman year. They wouldn’t even hold auditions–he would just say, “You’re doing the solo.” Again, I call bull shit! Some of those solos were gorgeous and everyone should have had a chance to audition. The worst was when he had a one of the most operatic girls sing a jazz tune… *shivers* It was awful!

Exhibit C: This happened today and I wanted to punch a brick. A different choir director was assigning solos for our concert coming up this Friday. There are already two girls who have two solos. Granted, I didn’t audition for those ones because I didn’t want them (and one time she conveniently forgot that I wanted to audition and assigned them early… bitch). But I did audition for one of them that repeats 4 times in a different song. And the choir director decided to just give all four of them to the same girl! Who doesn’t even sing it that well! I was positively fuming in my seat for her to not even ask if anyone else wanted to do one or two of the others. The last concert of the year is next weekend, the very last time that song will be performed with 6-8 soloists, I can’t perform at (BFF’s wedding). I just wanted one measly little solo (which has only 5 words) out of 11 for this Friday. If you do the math, one girl has 4 solos and two have 2 of their own too… so that’s more than half of the solos taken. Where is the fairness in that? I don’t see any. Period. I don’t know if anyone else who had wanted a solo was aggravated by this, but I know I was.

Me being me, I kept the waves of rage inside. If I had gone to talk to the director, the dam on my eyes would have broken again and I would have been yelling at her to share the love. Walking down the hall, I sufficed with slapping the brick walls repeatedly.

Way to ruin my good hump day…


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That sucks! I’m sorry Kel! If it makes you feel better I was always a teacher’s pet too :P

Doesn’t it make you wish more choir directors were like Steen?

Comment by sheadaisy

Yes! Steen was amazing… He gave everyone a chance who wanted one.

Comment by Mikael

im sorry that happened to you. i personally know how deserving you are and it’s sad some people do that. my choir teacher does too and i know how that goes. but still, i’m trying out fo the male solo in One Day More from Les Miz!

Comment by dariensolaris

It’s just the selection of the same couple girls over and over is frustrating.
Good luck on your audition! I hope you get it! =)

Comment by Mikael

Suck it up and work harder than those around you and be prepared for every part in case someone can’t perform. Sometimes the pretty girl gets everything and other times she has to bust her ass to get anything at all. A great actor(PC) always shows how grateful they are (not necessarily feels). Just sayin…

Comment by booguloo

I like your idea.
Not sure what you mean by (PC) though.

Comment by Mikael

politically correct

Comment by booguloo

Favoritism and Nepotism are two of the most annoying things in this world, we have to deal with them in almost EVERY industry. It is an inevitable part of being human, we like what’s familiar. Hoping that our familiarities will pay us back one day. It’s an endless unstoppable cycle.

Unfortunately there is little we can do about it, most of the time going above those in direct power leads to black-balling.

Your only true discourse is that when you’re given the preferencial treatment that you remain humble.

To take the high road one must first walk many paths.


Comment by Paris

eeek sure do hate it when that happens!! though me too was sumthn of a teachers pet all through school ;)
well yeah just keep trying at different places / opportunities, you’re just going to meet some sensible person in charge unlike the morons above you now :) gud luck!

Comment by Haunted_Doc

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