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Saying Saturday IXX by Mikael

Guess what? Saying Saturday is so back! I’ve missed these so much…

If you’ve missed previous Saying Saturdays and wish to see them, go here! =)

*  *  *

In choir rehearsal a month or so ago…

Dr. Bradford: Men, I’m sorry to say this… but the women are wearing the pants in this song.
LB Soprano: When is that not the case?

Late night in Vegas over spring break with LV Chicka (Sarah) and our buddy Rich. Sarah pulled up her hood and guess what it looked like…

Rich: You look like a stealthy penis.

And a few minutes later…

Sarah: Oh, wait rewind. You just called me a penis.

Walking out from eating after the stealthy penis made it’s grand appearance…

Sarah: Oh, it’s chilly!
Rich: Whoop! It’s cold better get out the condom.

Rich: Your foreskin is affecting your hearing!

As we spoke of rockets in the car…

Me: I wanna see your rocket, Rocket Man! Blast me off! Wait… never mind.

While watching Sarah perform…

Me: You know something? I’m completely straight but she is so hot…
Rich: It’s a weird thing. I’m straight and I think she’s hot too!

My little cousin (age 7) came over to chill today and the things coming out of his mouth were hilarious…

Cuz: I’m not scared of Jurassic Park 3 anymore. If dinosaurs were real and one tried to eat me, I would kick out his tooth.
Me: Kick out his tooth?
Cuz: Yeah, then the dinosaur tooth fairy would come and give it back to him.
Me: Wait… let me get this straight. If a dinosaur wanted to eat you, you would kick his tooth out and then the dinosaur tooth fairy would give that same tooth back to him?
Cuz: Yes. Then he’d get a dino coin too. And a toy.

He came into my room, talking about a hunting game he plays with his dad…

Cuz: I want to be a hunter when I grow up.
Me: Why would you want to do that?
Cuz: Because I want to eat a lot of meat. I’m going to make robots to protect me. I’m going to ride on the horse robots.

Fellow intern quote time to close up!

Connor: Money can’t buy happiness but it will make you miserable in a lot nicer of a neighborhood.

That’s all for today! Have a lovely weekend!


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Hey Mikael.

I love reading your word presses. But this one is one of the top favs on my list. Can’t wait for the next Saying Saturday.

Be safe x

Comment by Ally Leale

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