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No Joke This Time! by Mikael

I think I forgot to mention my April Fools prank that I pulled this year… it was quite effective. The best I’ve ever had actually.

Everyone in my life knows I’ve been on the hunt for a job/internship for post-graduation. And a few of my friends even knew about my interview that I had on April 1st with a local news station. Because of these two facts, I thought of the perfect prank and it went like this:

My facebook status aptly posted after my interview:
You are now looking at ABC4’s newest reporter come summer! =)

Once this went up, 16 of my FB friends commented their congratulations and even more “liked” my status. I was seriously just cracking up at everything people were posting. Because seriously, who could get a reporting job immediately out of college without any experience?

There was a friend who asked if it was an April Fools joke–which I deleted immediately and messaged him to not spoil my fun (which he obliged). Then when midnight approached, I came clean. I told everyone that it was my April Fools joke. Most were bummed because they thought I was destined for greatness such as that (and also for being duped–points for me!). But I did mention that I had an interview for an internship with that news station so they wished me luck on that.

And now, while I may not have the experience to be a reporter, I was selected to be a summer intern for a local news station! The email came this morning saying that I had been chosen! I’m sure my classmates went deaf because I started squealing and screaming like a little girl when I got it.

I remember at my interview, I felt like I was a hyperactive child in Disney Land just dying to go on Splash Mountain when they gave me a tour of the place (don’t worry, I kept myself as subdued on the exterior as humanly possible). There was no doubt in my mind that that was where I needed wanted to be this summer. These past 12 days have been agony waiting to find out if I got it or not–I even stopped looking for jobs while I’ve been waiting to hear back. That’s how badly I have wanted it. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to properly thank the person who told me about this internship…

It’s a part-time unpaid internship with absolutely invaluable experience. No doubt that it may even set me on a good journalism track for my life! Writing news stories, shadowing reporters and getting feedback from them, and more things like that. Sounds pretty amazing to me! The coordinator said that I could even make a good reporter down the line (also where I got the idea for my April Fools joke). I’m unbelievably excited for this opportunity!

Can I just say that life is good right now? :)


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That is so awesome. Many congrats! That internship sounds like an amazing opportunity for you. I did an internship in college myself and it taught me so much about being a teacher, and now that I am one, I am constantly remembering all of the things I learned during my internship which are, in turn, helping me out now.

Yay for you and yay for good things in life! :)

Comment by Gina

Bravo! Right out of the gate! Sounds like more important solos are soon going to happen for you.
How’s the market share at your station?

Comment by Michael Yost

It’s pretty good! It’s around 41 and has had a steady increase over the past two years. Currently, they are on a five-day high. =) And thanks!

Comment by Mikael

You can be sure they took that into consideration when they picked you as the final choice!

Comment by booguloo

Congrats, Mikael! You deserve this. Thanks for letting me hang with you through this journey.

Comment by livingvanilla

congratulations!! :)

Comment by suki @ [Super Duper Fantastic]

congrats! that’s so exciting! pretty soon i’ll be watching you on the news. that’s what comes next, right?

Comment by Ameena

Woo-hoo! Congratulations!

Comment by terra

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