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A Wedding of a Weekend by Mikael

AKA: Why I Want to Have a Beach Wedding, Why I’m Never Drinking on an Empty Stomach Again, My Best Friend’s Almost-Not Wedding, and The Weekend That Wiped Me Out.

I’m so exhausted from this weekend I could just collapse right now… 10+ hours on plane rides across the country over one weekend is pretty taxing. I’m so glad I had such a chill roommate whom I hope to spend more time with! She was such a sweetheart.

I’m surprised my best friend didn’t burst with frustration over the groomsmen though. They were not very punctual and I was surprised they were on time for the wedding! And lucky for me, no hook up was set up! I did meet most of them. They seemed chill but seemed to either be drunk or high the whole time. Yeah… real attractive. Not! But I did meet a pretty fabulous guy… he’s the boyfriend of my really good guy friend who drove up from Orlando to the wedding. Haha! So yep, not single and definitely not straight but I had a great time sitting next to him at the wedding dinner. We chuckled a lot together.

Friday was the rehearsal at the beach and the nice dinner following. The sand and beach breeze felt awesome! I’m sad we didn’t get more beach time but what can you do?

Woke up bright and early to break an amazing sweat on Saturday (the big day) before popping over to breakfast with the bride. After that, it was time for all the bridesmaids to gather to get ready in a mass of hairspray and bobby pins. Let me just say that I haven’t felt so chic in my life! The side bun I had in my hair seemed only fitting for the runway… but it was very pretty. The problem with getting ready and such led me to not eating much during the day. I will get to why it was a problem in just a little bit.

The wedding… was absolutely stunning! It almost didn’t happen since it was pouring buckets at our hotel and my best friend said there was no way she was going to be married inside a room. It was only windy at the beach but still worrisome. But seriously, right as she walked out from getting bride-ready–the sun came out! So the ceremony was wonderful. It was exactly how I had ever imagined a beach wedding would be. The bride was absolutely breathtaking and the groom recited vows that I wish someone will say about me one day. I was trying so hard not to cry but he broke me… I think they should be extremely happy with how it turned out. I’d say it was near perfect.

After the wedding, we all curtailed our tushes inside for cocktail hour… which is where the no food became a problem apparently. I wanted at least one good drink so I told the bar tender to make me the best thing he had (that didn’t contain tequila, that is) and it was one of the most delicious drinks I’ve ever had. The problem? It had about 5 different kinds of alcohol in it so I was buzzed after the first drink. Then my gay buddy wanted me to get another since he tried mine and said he wanted to drink one with me. Yep. A very bad idea on an empty stomach but I was oh-so compliant because it was oh-so yummy (and I was oh-so-prematurely buzzed).

As soon as dinner started, I downed pasta, a salad, wheat rolls, half of my chicken and a slice of chocolate wedding cake. When I reflect back on it, I actually didn’t eat that much because I didn’t finish anything except for the pasta and salad. It balanced since I hadn’t eaten much that day anyway. But then there was champagne for the toasts. Oh yeah, I forgot that there was a Pinot Noir as well. In my defense, I only drank that because no one was refilling water and I couldn’t find a pitcher to refill it myself so it was my only option–I was parched!

Let’s just say my head was spinning quite fast as we went into the after-party dance. My best friend was pleased when I told her that I did get drunk even if it wasn’t completely intentional (“That means the party was good then!” was what she said.) Had a good time with friends, puked a little, then passed out as soon as I got back to the hotel.

So it was a fun weekend in Florida! Much too short with no beach time… but with how spectacular the wedding turned out, it’s okay. I’m so happy for my best friend! I love her and her hubby together… I may be in shock still that she’s just gotten married but no matter what, I will always wish for the very the best for them. I hope this weekend was all that she wanted it to be and that she has fun on her honeymoon to Santa Lucia (can you say jealous?). Now I’m curious to see how long she will hold out on having kids since he wants them now but she doesn’t… haha!

So tell me about the craziness that you experienced this weekend. ;)


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You are hilarious! What is it about gay guys? They always make good friends with really good looking girls. Us, straight guys, need to learn a lot from them. You crack me up. Puked a little and then off to bed. Sounds like me! I am glad you had fun. Take care.

Comment by livingvanilla

Haha I’m not sure… Gay guys understand girls better? But they do make great friends because they also give us guy perspective.

Comment by Mikael

Oh I’m so happy the weekend turned out so wonderfully! And I’m happy you survived (hook up free, too!). Also? It’s so great that you swear off tequila. Now I won’t be the only one in Vegas who can’t have tequila!

Comment by Ameena

I hate the taste of tequila and won’t touch the stuff. YUCK! No worries there. I’ll back you up. ;)

Comment by Mikael

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