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Flash Fiction Thursday~ Final Two by Mikael
April 21, 2011, 11:11 pm
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Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been having these strange dreams that have come in “chapters” for a lack of a better term. The first two dreams were difficult for me to remember hardly at all until the third dream came last Friday. It all clicked… and now a story has emerged in my mind. This small scene is not one I dreamed of, but a predecessor to the dreams that (for some odd reason) I know must have happened. Please enjoy!

*   *   *

“There is only one pair left.”

The crackling fire grate nearly masked the words emerging from the blood red chaise facing it.

“This is your last chance, Cardone.”

Alexander Cardone adjusted his tie, loosening it to allow himself to breathe. He had had five chances to return to his rightful place yet none of them had been successful.

Clearing his throat, he hesitated, “I understand. Where can I find the final two?”

“They will be in Utah,” the voice sighed. “They attend Canyons High School.”

Cardone’s head snapped forward.

“You are certain of this?”

“Indeed I am.”

“But they will be too young! How can I expect high school students to handle these kind of experiments?”

There is a moment where a deep inhale filled the silence, sounding as though the fire were about to be sucked inward towards the core of the chaise.

“Do I sense hesitation, Cardone?”

Nervous, Cardone bowed his head before speaking quite quickly.

“If I may, mistress. Might we consider waiting until they are of age? If the prior pair couldn’t withstand the hours despite being a few years older, I do not see how high school students could either.”

“Do you still wish to get back to your family?”

“Yes, mistress but-“

“Then do you not recall my instructions?”

“No, I do-“

“Find the alternate bodies, pay them prettily to take part in our research, teach them how to manage themselves, and hope for the galaxy’s sake that they can stop what we know will be upon us imminently soon. Is there any part of that which is unclear?”

“No, mistress,” Cardone began. When no response came from the chaise, he began again. “But how can they pass the second hour or the third hour when most others haven’t?”

Another deep sigh emanated through the ornate office. Slowly, the flames in the grate flickered downward as though contemplating whether or not to dance across the floor with their sharp, bright red tongues.

“That’s why we make sure they are trained and warned of everything that may happen so they can act accordingly. And if they try and rebel, we can convince them otherwise before everything turns to dust.”

Cardone was at a loss. The first pair could not make it through the first hour whereas the second and third got trapped in the third. The fourth, considerably the most fit alternate bodies of them all, had disappeared somewhere in the fifteenth hour. And the fifth pair turned against them within the second hour. The likelihood of two teenagers managing more than those before them was bleak.

What was Cardone supposed to do when this research failed? He could never to return to his family for execution would surely be his fate… unless complete and utter destruction of both worlds came first.


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It’s great to have the gift of dream recall. What’s better is the message the subconscience can bring.

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