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Where Were You? by Mikael
May 2, 2011, 2:19 am
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Over 4 hours ago, Barack Obama made an announcement to the world that the US had killed terrorist Osama Bin Laden. What blows my mind is that my twitter feed, which I had up on my computer the whole time, gradually filled up with “Osama’s dead!” at least an hour before the public announcement.

At first I thought it was a joke because only one person said it. No less than five minutes later, it’s what everyone was talking about in my feed. Blows my mind that social media is so prevalent in our world that millions of people knew the news even before Obama’s proclamation (which was amazing, by the way… that speech was so inspiring).

And it got me thinking (to the point of distracting me from doing my work completely)… where you were you on 9/11 when you heard the news about the World Trade Center? How did it make you feel? What was going through your mind?

That’s one morning that I know I won’t forget. I was a month away from turning 13 and about to run out to the bus when I saw my step brother leaning over our couch, staring at the television. The second of the planes had just hit the second tower. They replayed the first plane crash before I realized the time and that I couldn’t be late for the bus. I remember my step brother muttering “stupid terrorists” before I left. As soon as I arrived in school though, every TV in every class room was on. The Pentagon had just been hit. And it wasn’t long after when the towers started to crumble. My hands were clasped over my mouth the entire time as I watched it from the back row of my Reading class. I couldn’t believe what was happening as I tried my best not to cry. To think of all the people who were killed and those who would be affected by it was too much… We all watched the news that morning in silence. My teacher was trying to keep back tears too. I don’t think the halls were ever quieter at that school as they were on that day.

Even though I’m not from New York and I wasn’t there when it happened, I think about that day all the time. I think a lot of us do. I remember when my performing group sang at Ground Zero in 2005. It was extremely emotional… we learned on our tour to NYC that the man who drove our bus had lost his brother in the 9/11 attacks. And the woman who was like our guide around the city had lost a close friend. Nearly everyone has been deeply affected by it even though American’s, especially those families affected, felt the blow the most.

To think that one of the worst terrorists was not only found but killed by US forces… that is a huge step in the War Against Terrorism even though I know it’s probably far from over. I may not be a big political person, but tonight I realized I’m truly thankful for the troops and everyone serving for helping to make the world a safer place. It’s not just America… it’s everywhere.

So tell me… where were you on that September day ten years ago? And where were you when the main terrorist behind it was put to an end on May Day of 2011?


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Rolling out of bed after being woke up by my kids getting ready for school. They didn’t go to school and I didn’t go to work.

Comment by booguloo

I was in my carpool when I heard a snippet on the radio, I wasn’t really paying attention, but at school all of the tvs were on and we even had an emergency assembly about it. One girl was called home because her aunt had been on one of the planes.

At first it didn’t really register, it was surreal. When it sunk in it was pretty devastating.

Mikael, I think you might enjoy this guy’s blog. He’s a wedding photographer in New York, and though all his work is amazing, this one post is actually relevant to your post: http://www.ryanbrenizer.com/blog/2011/05/osama-is-dead-photos-from-a-historic-party-at-ground-zero/

Comment by sheadaisy

I can’t remember what class I was in at the time and they tried to continue teaching and left the TVs off, so the gravity of the whole thing hit me like a train later that evening. I wore black the rest of the week.

Comment by Angie

I was 16. I remember we had the news on in most of our classes that day. Some teachers had radios going, others had TV’s that got fuzzy picture from Over the air antennas. Some had internet pages on the TV monitors clicking refresh. I remember my parents were out of the country on a Mediterranean cruise, I think they were in Istanbul or Turkey or something like that. They’d see whatever was on CNN International and that’s it. I’ve blocked out most of my personal high school memories, but I do remember a bit of my parents talking about their experience and how Euroepeans were so sympathetic.

When the death happened, I was at a bar in downtown Fullerton, California after a kickball game. We made the bar stop karaoke so that we could listen to the speech. People got emotional and raised glasses to each other after the speech was done. I haven’t seen that kind of emotion in a bar in quite some time, if ever.

Comment by TJ

I was 12 years old on the day the towers fell.
I remember waking up for school and mum came into my room and said come and have a look on the TV. I sat there with my eyes glued to the TV screen wondering what I was watching. All I remember was a news headline saying “NEWS FLASH” “WORLD TRADE CENTRES UNDER ATTACK” and knowing that it was not good. Being in Australia I don’t think that I was watching it live but it sure felt I was.

And as for Bin Laden’s death I was with my husband shopping and we heard it on the radio. First of all we thought it may have been a hoax but by the time we got home it was all over the news. We heard reports that he was killed by a bomb in a cave to a gunfight in Pakistan.

One thing I had to have a giggle at though was Craig Fergison twitting “Its a great day for America” Just because that’s what he says ever Late Late Show. =)

Comment by allyjay89

When the first tower was hit I was in bed with a pillow over my head trying to block out the sound of my alarm clock. My dad started saying to my mom you have to come see this! I was curious so got up to go watch the news, and watched as the second tower was hit. I was mortified that something so terrible could happen. Later that day at school our class was watching the news, and I remember seeing footage of people in the middle east running around the streets screaming in celebration. My heart sank to the pit of my stomach that people could actually be happy about something so terrible.

When I found out about Bin Laden’s death I was in Australia, but a bunch of Americans started screaming and celebrating the news. My immediate reaction was that I wanted to cheer, but then I remembered that disgusting feeling I had years ago while watching people rejoice over deaths.

I then remembered a really great quote by Martin Luther King Jr: “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

I am of course happy that Osama can no longer hurt any more people, but for this reason I will not celebrate his death.

Comment by Courtney

I feel the same way you do… That his death isn’t worth celebrating over but the peace that comes with knowing he will no longer be behind such horrible things is such a relief. And that is a great quote by MLK Jr. Thanks for commenting, Bikini Buddy!

Comment by Mikael

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