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Oh, To Finish… by Mikael

And I’m done! My last final was today (got a 92%) and I can feel the post-semester coma weighing on my brain. Last thing on my to-do list is to don a cap and gown and walk in to get a folder that won’t have my diploma in it yet.

My bro hugging me (shocker!) at my high school graduation... Next I get to wear a black cap & gown! Maybe I'll get another hug!

But I previously mentioned that one of my final requirements for this semester turned out pretty amazingly… And now I’m going to explain that because I’m uber proud of myself right now.

Let me preface this a little: I’ve been writing stories and since first grade. I love it. The only thing is… I haven’t finished a story since sixth grade. Many ideas keep jostling in my brain and they like to fight over who gets my attention. That presents a problem because then I have no idea what to work on, thus none of them have been finished.

This past fall, I decided to take a playwriting course… and I fell in love! I’m not sure what it is about playwriting but I thoroughly enjoy it. The playwriting classes that I’ve taken over my senior year have been my favorite classes throughout my entire college career. Maybe that has something to do with it. Anywho! My meant-to-be full-length play was inspired by a song. Last semester, I made good leeway on the first act of it and just couldn’t stop… so I signed up for the Advanced Playwriting class. For the spring semester, we were to write a contract of what we would do to reach our 100 pages of new work requirement.

My goals were these: finish a complete first draft of my full-length play, start on a musical idea brewing inside my head, and then start the editing/rewriting phase of my full-length play.

What I ended up doing at the end was far more than I could have imagined and I’m pretty overwhelmed with emotions about it.

I finished my full-length play. I finished my play. And I’ve marked it off on my Bucket List. A complete first draft is mine to tweak until I think it is absolutely perfect. I don’t think I can express how proud I am of both my play and myself. My play was the last to be read and work-shopped this semester. I swear I could not hold still. I could barely breath. The chair beneath me was positively trembling with how badly my body shook as my classmates read the last few scenes of my play. It was quite possibly the most intense feeling in the world and I don’t even know what I could call the feeling.

The first words out of my teacher’s mouth came after a very long pause: “Well… if anyone has anything constructive to say?” And not long after that, he said, “Mikael, you have a really great piece of work here.” Squeee!!! He said that about my first completed play! Of course, there were a few things that people noted I could improve on as hopefully any writing critique group should… but still. I was glowing with pride and still am.

Not only did I finish my full-length play, but over the course of the semester, I also finished and polished up a ten-minute play (also inspired by a song) as well as the first draft of a one act that was inspired by my best friends wedding/bachelorette party. In fact, when I look back at how many pages of new work I actually did it comes to about 120 and that doesn’t even count all the revising I did with my full-length and my ten-minute plays.

Best end to a semester ever in my book. It doesn’t hurt that it’s my last too…

Maybe now I can try and finish a novel… That is if my brain can decide which idea to focus on first (any help there would be greatly appreciated!).


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Mikael, that’s incredible! I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to someday read? possibly even see? a completed play. Seriously woman, you’re freaking amazing!

Comment by sheadaisy

I’d definitely let you read it! =) And thanks Shea! xoxo

Comment by Mikael


Comment by Chelsea Talks Smack

Great job! :) And hooray for finishing.

Comment by suki @ [Super Duper Fantastic]

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