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Miss Matriculated by Mikael

So if you missed the memoI graduated from the University of Utah last Friday. I’m still waiting for the surreal feeling to go away. I cannot believe that chapter of my life is done but at the same time I’m incredibly relieved. None of my attempts at a post-semester coma have been very successful though, unfortunately.

BUT we did have a pretty spectacular she-bang to end my college career. At first I was maybe expecting 20 people to show but it quickly blew up to about 50 people swarming my house throughout Saturday evening. It was pretty crazy and awesome. Mucho martinis made by my mom, many friends, and even a jam sesh with my musician friends who decided to stick around a little longer.

In fact, it was one of the best weekend’s I’ve had in a while. Friday was the family celebration and that was amazing too (I have the best family in the world!). One of the greatest things about it was that my bestie Francesca surprised me by coming home from Wyoming to spend the day with me. I nearly burst into tears while I was getting my makeup done when she showed up, looking all golden (so glad my eyes weren’t done yet). Best surprise ever! It was amazing to spend the day with her.

More good things are coming too… Guess what else is soon? Bloggers in Sin City!!! GAH! I will be heading down next Wednesday and I cannot wait… It is seriously going to be complete bomb-sauce. I’ve decided that my celebrations post-graduation are turning out to be the very best ever.

No more school for me! Well, not any time soon anyway. Time for pursuing dreams and careers and all that other good stuff. First, I have the ABC 4 News internship for the summer along with a couple part time jobs. Other than, that I intend on writing and singing more. Both stories (anyone heard of Figment?) and songs. Just everything! In fact, I’m just about to go start writing a song that was inspired tonight. =)


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So excited for you! That internship sounds awesome. What a fun opportunity.

Comment by TJ

congratulaaaaations! see you in vegas. :D

Comment by suki

Congrats! Isn’t it the best feeling? I graduated from college last December and I haven’t looked back yet. Post-grad life is awesome. :)

Comment by Gina

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