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Prom-Less by Mikael
May 11, 2011, 12:06 pm
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As I watched Glee’s Prom episode last night, a wave of sadness swept over me. I never had my prom. Whenever I watch prom-themed shows or anything, I can’t help but get a little emotional because I never experienced it and I always wanted to… Isn’t that what every girl dreams of? Going to prom clad in a stunning gown to dance the night away with someone special? Ending it with a kiss? Yep. Pretty sure my high school career missed out on that little gem of an experience.

Technically, I did go to a prom but not my prom. In fact, I don’t like to consider it prom at all because the date was set up solely because the guy was my mom’s boss’s son and he was nominated for prom court but didn’t have a date. So I wasn’t asked in a cute way. I was a dress-repeater with the dress I wore to the Charlonian Ball (a girl’s choice dance) in my junior year. It wasn’t at my school. It was a fun night, but I didn’t know the guy. There was no kiss. There was no spark. There was nothing special. It wasn’t my prom and that’s that.

The reason why I never went to my prom? Nobody bothered to ask me and there was no way in hell I would go to prom alone. The only dances I was asked to in high school were the Homecoming dances in my junior and senior years. Homecoming my sophomore year was another arranged set-up and I didn’t even really like the guy… he had a crush on my best friend apparently and my best friend’s date ended up flirting with me way too much so it was a pretty messed up night all around. I’d ask guys to the girl-choice dances but for some reason no one really asked me to any. Talk about depressing.

If I had been asked to prom at least once in those three years, that might have made up for the fact that I was asked to only one dance. The ones mentioned above were set up and the other was a “get-to-know-you” date for me and the gross guy who played my love interest in the school musical (yuck!). I was legitimately asked to only one dance. Now that I’m thinking about it… I can’t even recall a school dance where I got a kiss after. That’s even more depressing because we all know what a kiss-a-holic I am!

Yeah… I feel pretty deprived since high school is long gone. It could have gone horribly wrong or wonderfully perfect, but I would have loved to be able to say that I went to my high school prom.

Is it bad that I hope to someday have a prom-like experience just so I can have a taste of what it might have been like?


Picture is from the girl’s choice Valentine’s dance my junior year.


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I went to one formal dance- my senior year winter formal. It was an awful experience. Some friends suggested i take a girl in our social circle, i hadnt been to a dance, so i figured what the hell, why not. it wasnt that exciting of an experience. The time i spent with her there made me like her even less as a friend. I did ask my hs crush to prom. She was super into spongebob so i thought i was creative by getting her this adorable spongebob candy thing….She said no. Then she said yes to a friend who knew i was crazy for her. Not an enjoyable experience. A hot co-worker actually offered to go with me when she heard what had happened so that i could have a fantastically fun prom experience, but then she got a boyfriend and didnt feel like it was a good idea. I regret missing prom, but the dance that i did go to didnt leave a great taste that i kind of feel like i didnt miss much with prom. Though it certainly would have been nice if it turned out like on the tv shows.

Comment by tj

I’m sorry your winter formal sucked and that you didn’t go to prom either.

Comment by Mikael

I am kind of feeling that way but, not. I never went to prom and I never wanted to. I still don’t really care about going BUT…somewhere deep down I want my 3 year old daughter to ask me to a daddy daughter dance

Comment by livingvanilla

A daddy daughter dance is usually at a wedding…

Comment by Mikael

Hale Center Theatre. We should totally do it. And invite all the cool people we know. Jordan and I were talking about it, we’d even set up a photobooth for awesome pictures of our friends :)

Comment by sheadaisy

LOL, I’m still trying to figure out how/why Hale would host such a thing!

Comment by Mikael

You are not alone. I graduated a year a head of my class and blew both of them off. In the middle of a 4 year breakup at the time.

Comment by booguloo

Oh I see… I hope it didn’t bum you out too much.

Comment by Mikael

All of my dance experiences kinda sucked too. I guess I can’t say that about my senior prom (the only prom I cared to go to) because I went with my best friend and we had a good time. Still that meant no kiss afterwards (he was my bestie, ewww!) lol.

Comment by Angie

My prom date’s grandma died a few hours before the event. We still went, but the grandmother’s last words to my date…

“Premarital sex is wrong.”

Comment by Peter

we have prom events in arizona for “grown ups:. and i have a tuxedo mask-esque outfit. if you’re available the next time we have one, i would be honored if you would go to the prom with me. :)

Comment by darien solaris

Aw Darien! I’d be honored to have you as my date! That would be so fun! Thanks for asking! =) When do these grown up proms take place?

Comment by Mikael

Don’t really have prom in the UK. rather boring I know but hey what can you do eh? I was a massive nerd in High School so I wouldn’t have got a date anyway. Sad but true, sigh..

Comment by Paris

Hey you never know! A girl could have loved to have gone with you if there was a prom…

Comment by Mikael

If there’s ever an opportunity, I’ll gladly take you to prom. :)

Comment by Bob

Aww. Firstly, this surprises me, because you are so freaking gorgeous. Secondly… I get that Prom is one of those THINGS that you do… I went to both of mine + an additional one and they were… okay. I loved getting dressed up but they never seemed to live up to the hype. The guy I went with my junior year was completely platonic, I asked him because I needed a date. My senior year, I went with the guy I had been dating and then he dumped me a week later. So that was fun. And I hated my hair for every single prom.

Anyway, my point is, I don’t think you missed much, because I’ve found that going out in your 20s is way more fun.

Also, we do a grownup charity prom every year – it’s infinitely better than any of the real proms I went to. If you want to haul yourself to Iowa in February, you are more than welcome to come. I’ll even buy your ticket for you. :)

Comment by Kelly L.

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