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Internship #2 & Air Heads… and OMG BiSC! by Mikael
May 16, 2011, 11:44 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, ADD-ness, Good Things, My Awesome Internship, RaNdOm, Updates, Vegas!

My life is insanity right now. Remember my new awesome internship for the summer? And how I started last week?

What? You don’t remember this?! HOW COULD YOU??!!

I’m totally kidding. It is so rare a moment to relax let alone to blog since last week, so of course you don’t know this. Unless by chance you are a real-life friend of mine, then I apologize for not responding to text and FB messages. I read them but then I forget to respond because I’m never in a good place to respond (or the right mindset for that matter).

So! My internship… with ABC4 news. Pretty fantastic stuff so far in my opinion! I have only worked about 20 hours with them so far and I’ve already written/posted around 10 stories to their website, met most of the TV personalities and plenty of behind-the-scenes people, and tonight I got to run the teleprompter for most of the late night news. Yes, it’s fantastic. During my next shift, I’m so going off-site with a reporter. No one can stop me now!

In other news, tonight I met one of the editors with a wicked awesome name and it was uber fun to watch him do his job. I spent about two hours with him (nights tend to be slower), chit-chatting about editing and how life takes us in different directions while we mixed clips for the late night news. He thinks I’m cool… I gave him a good idea for the clip on Dancing with the Stars. And he gave me most of his Pink Lemonade Air Head. After which he said I had to blog about it. So this is me blogging about it! The Pink Lemonade Air Heads are awesome if you haven’t tried them. ;)

Along with my internship (which is part-time), I have also taken up a part-time job to rake in a little dough. I thought I was busy before I graduated college… but OH NO! I feel like I never stop now. For example: both today and Friday, I put in 12-14 hour workdays between my two jobs. I literally have to make plans with friends at least two days in advance or else it won’t happen. Like I said before, it’s been insanity!

But guess which insanity is happening this week too? Bloggers in Sin City! Oh my… I cannot wait! Leaving Wednesday and hopefully coming home Monday if not Sunday (since me needs some Daddy time too). Around 60 bloggers living it up in Vegas–it’s going to be crazy. I’m a little nervous but a lot excited. There better be some epic-ness going down. I can feel it in my bones! Been looking forward to this for a year!

I do feel bad that I haven’t had a lot of time to read other blogs lately, but I try to when I have a moment! I do my best to do comment-for-comment and then some, but sometimes things are a little crazy. I’ll get back to you all! Pinky swearsies!


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