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Adventure Time… #BiSC by Mikael
May 18, 2011, 12:24 am
Filed under: Friends, Futuristic Musings, Open, Roam, Try, Updates, Vegas!

I’ve mentioned #BiSC quite a few times over the past few months… And yet I still cannot express the epic proportions of this so-close-I-can-barely-stand-it adventure!

In about 10-11 hours (depending on how long I sleep and how long it takes to pack in the morning), I will be driving the 5.5 hours to Vegas. My car will be packed with bikinis, sun dresses, shorts, my tennies, and of course, my black shimmer-lined tube dress for Black, Gold, and White night as well as the rest of the Bloggers in Sin City she-bang!

First, time with Dad of course which usually stays PG-13. I’m not sure of what will happen with the other bloggers will warrant a rating. R? X? Eh, time will tell.

Here are my goals:

1) Make MANY new friends.

2) Blow very little money.

My only objectives… shouldn’t be too hard right? *fingers crossed*

If you wish to follow, you can find me on Twitter or just follow the hashtagged #BiSC there… You’ll be seeing about 58 bloggers likely tweeting about it as well. I may not get to blog until after so that may be your best source of the play-by-play.

Let’s see how this goes, shall we?


On a really random note, I just found out my grades for my last semester of college are out. 3.91 baby! Definitely reason to celebrate big in Vegas this weekend!


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Time to celebrate! :) See you very soon.

Comment by Suki

Aww, I’m so bummed I won’t be going this year. :( But I’m excited for you. Have an amazing time, and definitely drink to those kick-ass grades!

Comment by Gina

Can’t wait to meet you!

Comment by nicole antoinette


Comment by booguloo

ah yay! awesome job on your grades. i love this all! cannot wait to start our shenanigans tomorrow! so excited to be your roommate!

Comment by Ameena

I loved meeting you! You are absolutely lovely – in and out :)

Comment by doniree

Aw thanks Doni! I loved meeting you too! You’re a doll!

Comment by Mikael

Soooooo how did it go?

Comment by Paris

Oh there will be a post on it very soon… haha. It was fantastic to say the very least!

Comment by Mikael

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