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#BiSC post in the works… by Mikael
May 24, 2011, 10:28 pm
Filed under: Friends, Good Things, Updates, Vegas!

So Bloggers in Sin City was even more epic than I ever imagined (major thank you to Nicole for putting the whole thing together!). The post telling all the stories and such must encapsulate said epic-ness so it’s taking a while to compile everything.

Busy with work at the moment (big special assignment tomorrow–waiting outside a courthouse for a major verdict with phone at the ready!). Work hard to play hard, you know… but I will get it up here ASAP. Hopefully tomorrow night. Or Thursday.

A butt-load of love goes out to my BiSC family (whom you can find all listed on my Reading page, still working on code names so if you don’t like yours, don’t worry… it may not be permanent just yet *ahem*Bob*ahem*). Every single one of them is amazing so definitely check them out while I work up my own story of this past week. ;)


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“The nice guy”? Hahaha. Story of my goddamn life. :)

Though it is certainly a better identifier than being the “lame dancer” or “weak arm wrestler”. ;)

Comment by TJ

It’s true. My filter is absolutely non-existent.

Comment by terra

heehee i love that my code name is Gin & 7 !!!

ps – you are amazing and i’m so happy i got to meet you!

Comment by Mich

I would like some reference to Les Mis OR eyeliner tattoos ;-)

Comment by Leah

That sounds like an awesome project! Can’t wait to hear more about it :D.

Comment by slightlyignorant

I LOVED meeting you. You are a total sweetheart & so much fun on the dance floor ;)

*Big Hugs*

Comment by Simone

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