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One BiSC of a weekend… by Mikael

So… BiSC. Bloggers in Sin City. All 58 of us. A weekend of laughter, tears amid said laughter, and perhaps most important of all… a weekend of friends. A weekend none of us will forget.

{via Rebecca}

Okay, my mushiness quota is more than complete. Simply, last weekend was one of the best weekends of my life! It was so utterly fantastic that I realized that there is no way I can encompass that kind of fantastic-ness in a blog post. So I’ve decided to compile a list of some of the awesomest shenanigans from last weekend.

First off, I must say that I’m floored by the relationships that we all created and developed in such a short amount of time. Those four days feel like months and yet I wish they could have gone on longer. Much longer. Everyone I met came with an open heart and mind, ready to make friends. It was amazing! That’s just the way of the bloggers though, isn’t it? Laying it all out on the webs so by the time you meet another in person, it’s like a the friendship seed was already planted a rose is about to bloom. But yes… that was infinitely the best part. I feel like I made so many wonderful friends that I’m going through major withdrawals.

Now onto some wonderful-ness from BiSC.

Meeting Nicole. I seriously felt like I was reading her blog… but she was in front of me. She is exactly like I ever imagined her and more. I could listen to her tell stories all day.

Blogger Bingo. Sponsored by the lovely Molly. This is where all the bloggers started some relationships on our first night together during happy hour. Chelsea and I sang “My Heart Will Go On” together. I met my blog celeb, LiLu/Rachael. But then I learned someone won and no one else was participating anymore even though I wanted to keep going… oh well!

Running the Strip. Christa headed the group and ran a butt load while Tara and I ran/walked to Mandalay Bay and back to the Flamingo. Wonderful way to wake up and get my blood pumping to make up for yummy goodness later!

Grey’s Roomie Time. My roomie Ameena and I are both avid fans of Grey’s Anatomy… and on Friday morning we settled on her bed to watch the finale! Though it left something to be desired, I loved that she and I could share that together.

Being nervous to compete at a booty shaking contest. At the side of the Flamingo pool. The first day, a couple people came to support (THANK YOU!) and aside from the bachelorette party, I got the loudest cheers. WOOT! Oh, and another victory was not getting sunburned.

La Vita Dolce moment with Carly, my new lover, in the waterfall at the Flamingo pool. Then starting a mini-dance in the pool with Moosealicious.

Dinner at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris with Bob, Suki, Carly, Nico, and Cat. Delicious food. Wonderful company–major laughs. Plus a magnificent view of the Bellagio fountain show since we sat outside.

Tongue-asms at The Sugar Factory Chocolate Lounge at Paris. Chocolate and red velvet martinis. Chocolate dipping. Cute guys working there to tell me delightful combos to make my eyes roll (BONUS!). Topped off with the Disneyland equivalent of a candy store that gave me yummy gelato.

Absinthe. Awe-inspiring. Vulgar. Gasp-inducing. Hilarious. Stunt-filled. Music filled. Hot man filled (helloooooo, washboards that made Jayme screaming her room number next to my ear). Burlesque! Circus! Penny! Plus my new favorite quote… “If you’re offended by the words shit and f*ck… you’re at the wrong f*cking show!”

Free table and bottle service at Le Chateau at Paris. DING-DING-DING! Helluva night dancing on the clubs beautiful balcony with new friends including those mentioned above along with Caryn, Tiff, Germana, Ginny, and Katherine… all for virtually nothing (only $15 for each of us for gratuity for everything… good, right?).

Late night cheese fries with Bob and Tiff. Amazing after a night of dancing at 4 a.m., just saying.

Sushi and sweet potato fries at brunch at the Mirage with Ameena, Carly, Crowning Venus, and Simone. A sausage-flinging good time!

Having a surprise guest at the Flamingo pool to host the Booty Shaking Contest. Which I competed in with a much bigger crew of BiSCuits supporting (hearts to you all)! I totally drew the most cheers but the DJ picked a girl with no butt, minimal booty shaking skills, and boobs just because she grinded up on other girls. Totally trashy. I like to think I kept it classy. I thought either the girl doing the splits or I would have one. We both easily got more cheers than the last girl, so WTF? Oh, well… That surprise guest? BABY BASH! And he gave an impromptu live performance… check it out! Oh, and do you see me? 

Guess what he said when I took the stage? “Damn! White girl got donk!” Hells ya! His entourage liked me most (in particular Angel Dust of the Stooie Bros.) and said that I should have won… as did everyone else who approached me in the hotel until I left on Sunday. Awkward but totally flattering. So… in a way, I won? HAHA! Honorary booty shaking contest winner! ;)

Getting tarot cards read poolside with James Bond, Cat and Off Beat Report.

BWG night/impromptu bachelorette party for Kaci at Pure in Caesars Palace! Everyone looked so fancy I just could barely contain myself. And we got to skip the line at Pure and got first dibs on the dance floor! Someone “kneeded” me a bit too much but if that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have been right outside the club icing my knee when Will.I.Am stood right by me and I totally saw him. He’s short. And I’ve heard he’s a douche. But that still doesn’t dampen the epic-ness of seeing him in person as I admire him as a musician.

The farewell brunch… that extended into a tea party… and then the Sneaky Snake at In-and-Out. Yeah. There were a few of us that just didn’t want to say goodbye such as Bob, Terra, Maxie, Jenn, and I. Well… they just had later flights to catch and I was in no rush to say goodbye to such good new friends.

If you can’t tell, I had an utterly amazing time! Be sure to check out the two epic videos that Apocalypstick made of her footage of the weekend. She’s a riot. And the vids are bomb-sauce.

I know I didn’t mention everyone but I really had a great time with everyone there! There were so many little moments that were amazing as well as these major highlights. Trying to fit those in a blog post would be pretty ridiculous though… so if you’re reading this and weren’t mentioned, do NOT think you were forgotten because you most definitely weren’t and never will be. In fact, all of you have been featured on my Reading page (with special names–but I haven’t gotten to do everyone yet).

A major thank you goes to all of the sponsors who made BiSC possible this year!

  • Shatterbox — The awesomest web designers ever…
  • Flamingo — The hotel… with the TV in the bathroom mirror! Can you say SA-WEET!
  • Sugar Factory — Disneyland candy store
  • David Saxe Theater — Love the beaded veils… “You poor unfortunate souls!”
  • Pure Nightclub — best club in Vegas, yo!
  • Swiss Maid Bakery — AMAZING! Oh my holy… I gorged myself on the fudge.
  • Popchips — Who can resist these things? So much healthier for you than other chips and they actually taste better!
  • Sprayology — Didn’t get to try it (I drank barely at all) but a few others did and swear by it’s magical powers.
  • Pink Kisses — Now I have a pink cozy for my drinks! LOVE!
  • BuildASign.com — Thanks for the BiSC sticker!
  • Pear Bureau Northwest — Can’t wait to try out these pear martinis!
  • Hair Flairs — Thanks for the gold hair tinsel for BWG night!
  • NuNAAT — Love how my hair feels after using the serum! So soft!
  • Urban Therapy Twisted Sista — My bottle of this broke in the gift bag so I didn’t get to try it (quite the mess), but I’ll send a hug your way for sponsoring BiSC anyway.
  • Sir Richard’s Condom Company — Not sure when I’ll be using these, but thank you for wanting me to stay safe!
  • ThinkGeek.com — Cute panties! Now I just have to see if they will fit. ;)
  • Babeland — Can’t wait to do some special shopping!
  • Vita Coco — I just popped it into the fridge… I’ll let you know how it is once it cools down.
  • and last but certainly not least, SKYY vodka. — Who wants to help me finish it’s yumminess? I need help! I’m not drinking this whole bottle by myself!

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I cannot get enough of these recaps, it’s a form of living vicariously even though I was there. :)

Was awesome to meet you. Hope you’re in for next year!

Comment by nicopolitan

Oh I totally know what you mean! I loved meeting you too =) And I’m SO down for next year.

Comment by Mikael

I heart u, keep in touch and get a job in boston :)

Comment by carly

I’m with Nico on this one. Even though I was there too, it’s so cool reading everyone’s perspective on the trip.

Can’t wait for next year, when I can FINALLY kick your butt in that dance-off we’ve been meaning to have. ;)

Comment by Bob

reading this made me unspeakably happy. <3 miss you!

Comment by verybadcat

This looks sooooo fun!!!

Comment by slightlyignorant

love love love this. and miss you. MOVE TO CHICAGO!

Comment by Caryn

Great recap, Mikael! :) So lovely meeting you, and I wish I could’ve been there for the bootyshaking, but I was busy spinning on poles the second day. :P

Comment by suki

I had so much fun with you at #BiSC and you totally should have won the Booty Shaking Contest. And you’re right – you kept it classy. Those other girls were absolute trash.

& yay for Sneaky Snake!!

Comment by terra

It was so awesome to meet you, you seriously rock! <3 Thanks for the mention. The night at the Chateau was definitely one of my favorites.I hope to see you next year.

Comment by Germana (btchonheels)

oooh such a fabulous recap, loved meeting you and getting to hang out! also, your dance moves are pretty amazing. i am in awe :)

Comment by katelin

Such a good recap for such an amazing weekend!

Comment by Kaci Johanna

[…] was just as amazing as last year, if not moreso. BiSC has a really special kind of magic … where everyone is a friend right […]

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