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Saying Saturday XX: BiSC Edition by Mikael

Volume 20 of Saying Saturday! I am constantly amazed at how high that number climbs… the quotes this time span quite a while but are still nonetheless entertaining (and I hope you think so too)! BiSC quotes included!!

If you’ve missed previous Saying Saturdays and wish to see them, go here! =)

*   *   *

In a Skype call where my Aussie penpal and I were discussing the placement of my laptop…

Me: Where would you rather be: on my lap or between my knees?

During Water for Elephants on our girls’ day out where Reese Witherspoon and Rob Pattinson have a few… chemistry-ridden scenes.

Shaka: … I want to be an actress now.

(Shaka is my Zumba instructor. She picked her name.)

After the movie… (which was amazing by the way)

Me: I have a lot more respect for Robert Pattinson as an actor after seeing this film… He can really hold his own especially against Reese and Christoph.
Shaka: I already knew that.
Natty: Me too.
Me: Shining does not count as acting.
Tonya: Actually, he sparkled.

At lunch with the girls after the movie…

Me: Those chicken balls are good!

Shaka: All that yummy sauce and no balls…

Now some quotes from the sports interns that I will no longer have the pleasure of working with…

Connor: I will write a play! “To be… or not to drink. That is the question.”

Connor: You know, sit out in the sun with a beer–
Me: You drink beer?
Connor: Well, root-beer.

Here is an awesome conversation between one of the funniest employees from my sports internship. He tends to joke around a lot…

C: She was wearing a sweater that read “Huskies”. Why do we have Washington people here?
Me: There’s a local high school with huskies as their mascot, so she’s probably from there. You know? The Hillcrest Huskies in Murray?
C: First, I’d appreciate it if your eyes weren’t screaming at me. Second, I’d appreciate you not correcting me. And third, thanks for being pretty.

My brother went to Reno to pick up his new car…

Bro: I feel a little weird about a man named Coco picking me up in Reno.

Talking about some woman’s boobs that are supposedly ginormous with my step-brother…

Jake:  It’s not cleavage! More like… cleave-land!

(like Cleveland! XD)

One of my guy friends at a bar after which point I told him I’d like him to drunk text me sometime because apparently he comes up with quotes like this all the time when he’s drunk…

I’m sick of being broke! I just want a yacht, supermodels, and cocaine.

And his drunk text to me the other night…

Well, here is your drunk text, because i’m drunk: I want to see your boobies. And do lots of cocaine off of them… on a yacht of course!

He sent another one a couple weeks later:

Very drunk. Texting. Something about your bosom. K bye.

Then the next day he proceeded to ask me if he texted me. I said yes. He asked if he mentioned my boobs (he always does). How I find friends like this, I’ll never know… but it’s highly entertaining!

Now for some of my favorite BiSC quotes that I managed to write down/remember:

Seeing the flamingos at… the Flamingo Hotel! Whoda thunk it?

Me: Oooh, flamingos!
Ameena: … Oh, my god! They’re real!

Discussing guys/being single/etc. with Mich

Me: I go through guys like I do… chocolate bars. All too quickly and far too many… but they are just so delicious!

Ameena: Price is Right is in our bathroom!

At brunch…

Carly: I just launched  a sausage at a man.

Jayme: Dancing with the Stars has nothing on Absinthe. (via Twitter)

Describing all that is BiSC

Caryn: On a scale of 1 to Ape-Shit: this is Gorilla-Shit.

Attempting to give sexy dancing pointers…

Me: Just think of moving your hips like you would if you were having sex…
Cat: I’m good at sex so I can do that!

And let me just say… she had the men drooling! ;)


Simone: We’re like the second to last season of LOST. We need to go back to the island. #BiSC (via Twitter)

And pretty much anything Nicole said… I wish I could remember more, so if any of you BiSCuits can remember some, I’d love to hear/read them so post them below! =)

* * *

Thanks everyone for tuning in! Have a fantabulous weekend!


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aw yay! your saying saturdays always make me giggle, but this one made me especially happy. thanks for posting those quotes! i can’t believe i missed the one by Simone!

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