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Who Memorizes Anymore? by Mikael
June 9, 2011, 12:44 pm
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A discussion with one of my co-workers the other day got me thinking…

With all the smart phones, laptops, and other such technologies, who really bothers to memorize phone numbers anymore?

I remember back when I was 13 and had to memorize my friend’s phone numbers if I wanted to talk to them outside of school. We’re talking before Windows Messenger or anything like that cropped up.

Even today there are very few phone numbers that are engrained in my subcranium permanently. They would be my own phone number, my mom’s cell, my best friend’s cell, my step-dad’s cell, and my home phone. My dad’s Las Vegas phone number is still far too new and the use of my cell phone keeps it so I can easily call him without having to “memorize” his number. What is weird is that I prefer to physically dial my best friend’s number than look it up in my phone.

So tell me… do you even consider memorizing phone numbers in this day and age when our phones can easily recall them for us?


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Always use the contact option. But do have important ones in a handwritten directory, just in case.

Comment by booguloo

Not a bad idea! I’ve heard that writing things down can help you remember them in the long run…

Comment by Mikael

Here’s what I know by heart: my mom, my dad, my sister, and my boyfriend. And the boyfriend one I learned not from dialing it, but from making a point to commit it to memory because otherwise, smartphone would’ve had it all the way. I do remember memorizing all of my friend’s phone numbers, though!

Comment by doniree

The crucial people to remember right? :) That seems so long ago doesn’t it?

Comment by Mikael

i seriously only know like 5 numbers off the top of my head anymore. it’s ridiculous, i used to know them all, now i just store them all, haha.

Comment by katelin

It’s true – I just remember all the phone numbers I memorized as a kid!

Comment by slightlyignorant

I think I only know my phone number, my mom’s, and my ex-boyfriends. And I only know his because we had a conversation about how no one memorizes numbers any more and then we decided to memorize each other’s. Stupid idea because I was always able to remember it when I was drunk, too.

Comment by Ameena

Haha, so does that mean he’s one of the people you call when drunk then?

Comment by Mikael

I know my mom’s number and my brother’s, just because it used to be mine. I don’t know my other brother’s number, nor do I know my father’s. I knew my boyfriend’s work number when we were together because it was easy, I could still recognize it if I were to see it I’m sure.

I also know the phone number from the house we lived in 17 years ago. As in the first one I ever learned. A few friends from that time too, when I had to learn their number to call. Funny how those stick with us, huh?

Comment by Katherine

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