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Closet Spiritualist? by Mikael

Lately, something has been up with me and I’m not exactly sure why or how.

Strangely enough, I’ve had this strange urge to explore my spirituality. It’s weird for me because I think of myself as a firm believer in the theory of evolution and such like that. Other religions and their beliefs fascinate me and I like to learn them but I have never sought to actually pursue a religion. Not sure if I’m even doing that now… I’m just broadening my spiritual horizons. Discovering what it is I’m supposed to be doing in this world and what this world is in my life.

I kind of feel like a loon right now because this is so not like me. Can’t help but follow my gut on things though and my gut has been telling me to check it out for the couple weeks. Sooo… that’s what I’m doing. It’s pretty interesting though as I’m getting some opportunities to learn more about faith and such, so I’m not complaining.

What really freaked me out was when I went to AstrologyZone.com to read my monthly horoscope for June (Virgo, in case you were wondering). Here is what it said:

Having Jupiter in Taurus will be a blessing to you. For the first time since the year 2000, you will have Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, setting up shop in your ninth house, which rules, among other things, long-distance and foreign travel, higher education, and the media. This house deals with the gathering in and dispersal of information, which is why college study, publishing, and broadcasting are included in this house.

Yep, that’s ringing pretty true right now (ABC 4 News internship anyone?)… but the next bit threw me because I thought my sudden interest in religion could be just a fluke.

I sometimes fail to mention another very important area in the ninth house that is also covered – philosophy and religion. (While another house, the twelfth house, rules pure belief, the ninth house rules the dogma that forms the underpinnings of religions.) This is the area of the chart where we ask, “Why was I born?” “What contribution can I make to the world?” and other mysteries of life. Taking courses in philosophy and religion will also be favored in the coming year. Another excellent manifestation to this trend would going on an important religious retreat to pray and meditate. Your spirituality will be greatly expanded, and you may find answers to questions you’ve often pondered and that satisfy your inner yearnings.

Say what?! The bold part in particular is a lot of what has been going on in my mind lately. It’s no fluke… it was set in my stars.  And yes, I like to follow this kind of stuff because I’m also a believer that things happen for a reason and that the universe plays a large role in that. So perhaps I will develop more beliefs with my newfound spiritual side? I’ll just have to enjoy the ride while/if I do!

Isn’t it funny how beliefs, religion and all that good stuff also seem to tie into the universe? I love being fascinated! =D


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I was drawn to check out some new religious experiences a couple years ago. While I don’t actively participate in any religious practices right now, I learned a lot about the community I was immersed in and myself in the process. I say do it!

Comment by Katherine

It is amazing how they all connect!

Comment by Col

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