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ZUMBA! by Mikael

I cannot even express how excited I am for this weekend… Wanna know why?

This Saturday is my Zumba Fitness certification class from 9-5! So in just a few days, I will be able to teach and lead Zumba classes!

If you don’t know yet, Zumba Fitness is basically one of my favorite things of all time (pronounced Zoomba, not Zuhmba). I’ve been doing it for about… a year and a half now. It’s pretty much like a dance party with latin and ethnic beats that makes you sweat like hippo! (I’m pretending like hippos sweat a lot because I really have no idea…) Doing Zumba is just so fun that you forget that you’re working out!

I’ve been considering getting certified for several months now and this weekend I’ll finally be able to say that I am! It’s pretty funny because in my usual Zumba Fitness class, people who are new often tell me that they look at me when they are a little lost. And all my friends have joined me in the class have urged me to go for it as well… so here I am!

My own Zumba instructor is incredibly supportive and as excited for me as I am. In fact, she’s helping arrange some great opportunities for once I get certified. Which is a fraction of the reason why I’m so excited! We’re going to be instructor buddies and help each other out. She’s just fantastic… I love her!

Plus I also can’t wait to yell, “Shake what your mama gave you!” at the people who take my classes. ;)

Right now, I’m looking at a possibility of around 3 Zumba Fitness instructor opportunities… it’s insane but seriously, I’ll gladly do it. I start one on Tuesday, one is a sub/apprentice-like position with my own Zumba teacher, and the other I’m not sure when it’s going to start yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It’s going to be sooo awesome!

(Can you tell I’m sooo excited?!)

Not only will this be a great way to stay active, but it is going to be a blast to spread my love of Zumba and hopefully get a few more people addicted to it’s wonderfulness.

Next step after getting certified is to get my CPR/AED license… After that it should be a rockin’ good time! CanNOT wait!

In fact, I’m doing happy dances all over the place. Literally. I’m getting stares wherever I go. =D


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Enjoy your training on Saturday – and a lifetime of sharing your joy and passion for Zumba.

Comment by Colline

Thanks! I will! =)

Comment by Mikael

Yay! Good for you! I’ve always kind of wanted to try a Zumba class but (a) I am scared of working out in front of other people and (b) I don’t know when I’ll fit it in my schedule right now. Sigh.

Comment by Kelly L.

No reason to be scared really as everyone is usually focused on just dancing and having a good time so any insecurities leave at the door. ;) Hope you find a time to try it out! If you do, let me know what you think!

Comment by Mikael

I love Zumba! I did it a couple times when I belong to a gym. Every time I hear Michael Franti’s say hey song, I think of that class. Congrats and I’m so happy for you I’m doing a happy dance with you! Good luck with the CPR class. I think everyone should be required to have that certification.

Comment by Caryn

Good news for you. Maybe the station would consider doing a piece for the News with you leading the class. How cool would that be? This would be a spectator sport for me. Grin…

Comment by booguloo

Yay! Congrats on going for it – sounds like it will be an awesome and rewarding experience, for sure.

Comment by terra

Personally I think “Shake what your mama gave you!” should be yelled at any job, really.

Comment by Peter

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